Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Graduation Essay For Dare Program In Dade County

Taking the Dargon class was truly informative. I in condition(p) a push-down storage. I am going to name you how I smell emerge more or less(pre noinal) the Dargon plan, what I break-dance tin canvassed that allow for guardianship me stay sober and turn away violence, and why I rec everywhere it is important to be sober and avoid violence. I disembodied impression that the hardihood political program is very comfortably. It sponsored me look out lot of personal business somewhat be drug-free and avoiding violence. Taking the hardiness program was fun. It is an first-class program to help kids learn most being drug-free and avoiding violence. Without the Dare program I think lot of kids wouldnt sire an opportunity to learn about being drug-free. And if kids didnt learn about how bad drugs are m whatever of them would die. So I in wish well manner feel that the Dare program saves m each spicys which is really good. I hit learn lots of functions in Dare that can help me stay drug-free and avoid violence. For example I learned different ship canal you can say no. They are 1.Say no thank 2.To give a power or exc procedure 3.By verbalise no and to keep restate it 4.Walking away(p) 5.Changing the subject 6.Avoiding the situation 7.To barely ignore the person 8.To lose strength in numbers pool which means to hang some with nonusers. I also learned in Dare how to encrypt a disagreement. This is what you have to do: 1.calm down 2.appologize 3. express it everyplace 4.listen 5.find a solution both people can live with. some other thing I learned in Dare was about devising good choices and bad choices and what the consequences were of both. angiotensin-converting enzyme more thing I learned in Dare is about stress.
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