Friday, January 31, 2014

Are We Failing Our Kids With Our Education System?

Running head : ARE WE FAILING OUR KIDS WITH OUR EDUCATION SYSTEMAre We weakness Our Kids With Our discipline SystemName of StudentCollege /SchoolName of ProfessorSubject /CourseAre We Failing Our Kids With Our Educational SystemIt is perceived that familiarity is massive in a person s life . As such(prenominal) , it is considered that to be unrivalled of the essential tools to face the challenges of the future that no one could ever take away . Moreover , it is then that cultivation plays a vital role in regulate the confederation and building a community that is stronger and well-educated . theless the mental supply of s terminusing the children or the teen historic periodd ones to give lessons is of utmoster pursuance and of necessity to be served accordinglyHowever , sending the children or the kids to school do non guarantee that these young individuals would gather the adequate level of learnings and knowledge they be required to build . This is mainly because the educational trunk is somehow affected by a depend of varied problems that would put at risk the quality of education ( Problems with the U .S . Education System 2008 . In the United States , kickoff from the early(a) socio-economic classs of the 20th century , the country had already recorded large amount of expenditures for the educational trunk that focuses in improving school campuses and developing the learning programs ( Problems with the U .S . Education System 2008 in spite of this , the level of achievement does not tear down visualise higher positive outcomes due to the fact that the country had been done a series of problems in relation to the bureaucracy ( Problems with the U .S . Education System 2008In addition to this , the United States educational formation also entails a consistent record of high level of violence in campuses across t! he entire American rural area ( Problems with the U .S . Education System 2008 . Statistics shows that there are rough 46 students and teachers were killed in 27 incidents involving the use of firearms from the stratum 1996 up to year 2003 ( Problems with the U .S . Education System 2008 . accord to bailiwick Center for Education , just in the year 2001 students from the age range of 12 and 18 became victims of 2 one one thousand million million million crimes in US schools , wherein 62 of these incident involve channel thefts ( Problems with the U .S . Education System 2008In the end , in demoralize of these various problems that directly affects the educational system , it is indeed that the American students are definitely failing to receive and achieve the take over education that they deserve to have with the recent educational system . As such , it is diaphanous to say that fundamental changes in the educational system is seriously needed to provide the young Ame ricans the quality education they deserveReferencesProblems with the U .S . Education System (2008 . Retrieved terrible 25 2008 , from http /www .washpro .org /en /node /1894...If you fate to get a full essay, gild it on our website:

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