Monday, October 17, 2016

The Unicorn in the Garden

The short report that I choose to break down and write the critical probe on, is The Unicorn in the Garden by James Thurber. The invention is about a slice having his breakfast, who axiom a unicorn in the tend and proceeds to single out his married char about it as the accounting progresses in an unusual way. This news report appeals to me in human beingy slipway namely in the aspects of themes, the plot, characters and the phrase used. Thus, this essay will be based on the aspects mentioned previously.\nI would like to begin with the themes and justify why it is appealing to me. The jump is man versus muliebrity. In my view, the man represents the blissful fantasy and the woman represents the harsh naive realism. At the inauguration of the narration, the man is having breakfast unaccompanied when he sees the unicorn in the garden and immediately reports his unusual husking to his wife where she responds by tell the unicorn is a mythical beast. This is sort of pursuanceing to me because the mind of the woman is still in reality and man in fantasy. some other theme I institute in this short figment is deception. It is possible that while having breakfast, the man suddenly had an idea to set up rid of the wife and induct that plan by make up a story about a unicorn. He probably knew that she will tell on him to the authorities and would deform to capture him. However, the wife is alike finding an excuse to hang-up from the husband and decides that this is the perfect fortune and calls the authorities. Little did she know, that her plan would boomerang and the man a victor. It is strong to predict what the man had in mind thus it unbroken my interest in check.\n anyway that, the plot also appeals to me. The expo is when the man was having his breakfast and the story immediately turns into a meshing when the man sees a unicorn in the garden and hurries to tell his wife about it yet his wife does not believe what he says. H e returns to the garden but the unicorn was missing which aroused my interest in the stor...

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