Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Juicy Fruit Investigation :: Papers

Juicy Fruit Investigation Aim To find out if temperature affects the amount of juice the enzyme pectinase releases from an apple. Prediction ========== I predict that the temperature the pectinase will last best in is 30 - 40, I think this will be the temperature the pectinase will be able to break down the most fruit into fruit juice. I do not believe the enzyme will work above 45 as it would become denatured. This is because I know most enzymes (similar to proteins) gibe working/get destroyed above this temperature, as they are made up of protein. I also know that the temperature enzymes work best in the ashes at body temperature 37 therefore I believe the full(prenominal)er the temperature is without going over 45 the steadyer the molecules will move and hit the enzyme molecules. An enzyme kit and caboodle when a substrate molecule bumps into a molecule of the correct enzyme, they fit together into a imprint on the surface of the enzyme m olecule. When this movement takes place the depression is called an active site. A reaction takes place and the substrate products are released separately. Because the substrate molecules are different shapes they will only fit into certain enzymes. When the enzyme reaches a temperature too high it will change shape, therefore the substrate molecule would not fit. When the enzyme reaches a temperature that is low (or lower than 37) the molecules will not move as fast as they will have less energy. This therefore means the enzyme molecules will not hit the substrate molecules as often as they would in a higher temperature meaning less juice will be released. IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE Enzyme molecule IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE Active site IMAGE Substrate fits into active site Active site IMAGE IMAGE A reaction takes place IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE Products leave the active site separately Preliminary test

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