Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Funding Higher Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Funding Higher Education - Essay Example In the present times, corporate organizations are known to support the funding of higher education all across the world. Such organizations make investments in educational research that prove to be beneficial for their own operations. The budgets of such organizations are spent on educational institutions in their own countries also sending their workers for training and development. The post secondary education has been observed to have become highly intangible for students across different countries. The primary reasons behind such a scenario include the cost and the unavailability of adequate spaces for educations. In such a midst of necessity for high quality of higher education for students across different countries in the world, it can be said that corporate organizations are the ones who would benefit the most from investing and contributing in the process of funding of higher education (Ehidiamen n.d.). The present study focuses on the issues of funding higher education and tries to determine how such issues may be resolved by actions of organizations, considering two different organizations for the study. ... According to the Law on Institutions of Higher Education â€Å"The number of study places to be financed from the funds of the State budget in an institution of higher education shall be determined by the Minister for Education and Science on the basis of a proposal of the Council of Higher Education. The number of study places in institutions of higher education founded by local governments and other legal persons and natural persons shall be determined by the founder of these institutions of higher education† (Juris et al 2006). According to the Law on Institutions of Higher Education, â€Å"the Higher Education Council has extensive competence and functions, including issues of funding the higher education† (Juris et al 2006). It constitutes the power of planning schemes for the development of higher education and the fees for the study, thus offering an outlook to the Minister for Education and Science and the Cabinet in regard to the outline of the State budget for the funding of institutions of higher education. â€Å"Membership of the Higher Education Council is confirmed by Parliament – Saeima. The Higher Education Council’s resources to realize its mandate are limited, however† (Juris et al 2006). With significant decrease in the expenditures made by the public on higher education, a crisis has been observed across the world affecting the process of development. Several countries across the world have imposed severe decreases in public budgets for higher education. Such measures had to be done due to many of the policies of economic reforms of the countries or influenced by the underlying principle for the condensed

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