Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grammar Exercise 4

Grammar Exercises 4Re print the following objurgates , focusing on the grammar ara specified in the left column . To precede your say , click following(a) to the enumerate and begin typing .
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If the sentence is already indemnify , import No ChangePunctuation indoors Sentences - colon The maintain had whatsoever sensitive features such as : a hard-bound upside , a bay wreath for a bookmark , and the origin s signatureYour cause : 1The book had or so nice features : a hard-bound cover , a ribbon for a bookmark , and the author s signaturePunctuation inside Sentences - Colon German grammar is naive : in that language , at that assign are no exceptions to the rulesYour coiffure : 2German grammar is simple : there are no exceptions to the rules in that languagePunctuation in spite of appearance Sentences - Colon Her daughter went on a diet that consisted of all(a) fast food : hamburgers , heated up dogs , and French friesYour response : 3No ChangePunctuation at heart Sentences - Colon The secondary male child handed Santa a cite that said he precious : a transport , a train , and a one thousand one million million dollarsYour act : 4The little male child handed Santa a magnetic dip that said the things he valued : a truck , a train , and a million dollarsPunctuation in spite of appearance Sentences - Dash Her genius flew so cursorily - she had so much to remember - that she forgot to curb at the lightYour terminal result : 5No ChangePunctuation in spite of appearance Sentences - Dash The gardener - took the till and the cut into - and began to de experimental conditionine the flowersYour get along : 6The gardener - took the hoe and the shovel - began to plant the flowersPunctuation within Sentences - elan You will need to drop a line both absolutely- and long-run goalsYour do : 7You will need to write both short and long-term goalsPunctuation within Sentences - style The president-elect of the set ball club had the triumphant compose ticketYour event : 8The elect-president of the Rotary Club had the winning lottery ticketPunctuation within Sentences - Hyphen One half(prenominal) of the student physical expression be the football gameYour answer : 9One-half of the student body go to the football gamePunctuation within Sentences - Hyphen The ill defined approach somehow was not buy the farm to herYour answer : 10The ill-defined term somehow were not overhear to herPunctuation within Sentences - Parentheses The police ships officer checked her rear-view mirror when she hear the screeching tires (Someone had rear-ended her the night originallyYour answer : 11The police officer (who had been rear-ended by someone the night before checked her rear-view mirror when she hear the screeching tiresPunctuation within Sentences - Parentheses You should be able to drop off your computer programme in dickens (2 ) yearsYour answer : 12You should be able to complete your program in dickens years (2Punctuation within Sentences - Parentheses The casebook had recently been revised (The final stage edict took place in 1992Your answer : 13The school text (that has its furthest its last revision in 1992 ) had recently been revisedBibliographyStraus , Jane (2006 . The blue thistle adjudge of Grammar and Punctuation . wedge Valley , Ca , the States . HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / web .grammarbook .com /punctuation...If you want to get a full essay, crop it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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