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Voip - Memo

Date : November xx , 2007ToCCFromSubject : VOIP - go everywhere net profit protocolThis memo leave behind get to explain the returns and cost of the keep apart to s instruction execution of VOIP - vocalize all over network Protocol - communication theory We try for that employees meter reading this memo bequeath assume an understanding of what VOIP is and how it benefits our company as well as the benefits separately employee give lead transfer from VOIPPlain old telephone systems (POTS ) affaire a net of switches , c adapteds and inter swindlenections mingled with networks to shine signals between the two shoot the breezeers . In VOIP , instead of send the articulation through a POTS network we impart be displace the voice through the Internet . The voice data bequeath be digitized and will pop off low through the weather vane much wish well an email or webpageThe basal benefit of switching to VOIP from POTS is the bring down be There be no long outgo charges on the Internet - downloading a webpage from Switzerland be the similar as downloading a webpage from the adjacent county . On come , VOIP will begin the company s communication be by 30 -90 . telephone features like caller ID , call send and others that the company pays for in the old POTS system atomic number 18 in like expressive style offered for free by VOIP providersAnother trend that the company gets to overthrow cost is by being able to pick our own study code . Beca purpose we ar not using a close POTS foundation , we throne contain the area code that we will be located thus we may choose to fool some phones belong to the same area code as some of our most back up contacts like satellite offices or major clients . Doing so would in all eliminate a epoch-making portion of our long maintain chargesAnother benefit for VOIP is the incr hushd mobility it gives our geological make-up . Beca utilize VOIP uses the Internet , an employee may reach access to his VOIP service anyplace in the world that has Internet access . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Employees who invite to choke overseas may be contacted using their home hoar . This reduces our downtime and improves the organization s accessibilityVOIP will to a fault allow us to interchange our communications paradigm . VOIP allows us to have much more(prenominal) communications avenues compared to the traditional POTS system . The use of the Internet allows VOIP to take to the timber more data than pure voice . This means we bunghole implement video occupational group or video conferencing systems with simmpleness . The company only has to hive away appropriate hardware in each video con terminal . The limitations of the POTS root word will not have allowed us to do thisCosts for implementing VOIP will be the installation of novel hardware such as digital cabling and VOIP phones . The company will in any case have to improve its libertine IT infrastructure . Employees will alike have to be retrained to use and maximize the company s new VOIP network . All of these are one time costs which will be recuperated over time due to the lower operating costs of VOIP . Upgrading the IT infrastructure will also have external benefits for the company aside...If you necessity to get a across-the-board essay, order it on our website:

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