Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aids In The African American Community

Running head : [The name of the writer appears here][The name of instauration appears here]In the mind of the public , the acquired immune deficiency syndrome problem is doubtlessly link up to sexual behaviors and possibly perceived to be a conclusion of promiscuity nonmonogamous sexual activity , and a well-deserved problem that should appropriate gay and homosexual people . To a certain utmost , efforts to beset AIDS in the color communities devote overly been hindered by the fact that we know rattling little , beyond stereotypes and myths , astir(predicate) the sexuality of blacks . These perceptions obtain provided much of the disarray intimately what we should do about HIV /AIDS , or for that count any of the health problems that ar at pestiferous levels in the African American communities throughout the lin ked States . It has besides been the plate that several of the important sources of leadinghip in the Afro-American communities bring utilized the AIDS epidemic to beat and invoke super conservative religious and moral agendas and punitive responses toward persons who atomic number 18 already considered to be unfit members of the community . For example , during the part-go swing of the AIDS epidemic there were several stories at bottom the African-American communities across the United States about ministers who were preaching to their congregations about how AIDS is God s punishment for homosexual people who iniquity temporary hookup there is no way to get word the extent of this military posture among African-American ministers and preachers approximately one-quarter of the sample (28 percent ) of African-American college students was in agreement with this look There is a farseeing history in the United States of African-Americans and other minority groups macrocosm devalued and of having their behav! ior labeled deviant . In the content of AIDS , the victims atomic number 18 however socially ostracized . A rush example is the fact that Haitians were at one time considered a risk group . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Because of this , many an(prenominal) Haitians lost their jobs and experienced organic levels of racial discrimination , not because they had AIDS , but because they were Haitians and thence linked to AIDS (Moore and LeBaron , 1986So , it appears that efforts to combat HIV /AIDS have been hindered by (1 our lack of companionship about the sexuality of African-Americans (2 question that has not seriously examined the disa greement of behavior and attitudes within African-American groups (3 ) community and religious leaders who view the AIDS problems as punishment from God (4 ) our intolerance of gays and bisexuals within the African American community and (5 ) the lack of wariness directed at the barroom of sexually transmitted diseases preliminary to the HIV /AIDS epidemic . If one accepts these observations , then what argon we to do in to develop effective and culturally small AIDS-prevention messages that will reach African-Americans , who are not monogamous , are not abstinent , and who do not use IV-drugsOne resoluteness is to make sure that African-Americans have an adequate understanding of the factors associated with the transmission of HIV /AIDS . boilersuit , the pattern of the results indicates that...If you want to get a full essay, fix up it on our website:

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