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cleaning woman IS THE `STRONGER SEXSuperior or inferior , better or worse ?higher or lower ? questions such as these neer arise as long as two things or persons atomic number 18 considered complimentary to each otherwise as are men and women . The two are the primary components of the social pay off up of which the family is the first , for the first time and fundamental whole . A family is made up of a valet de chambre , a adult femalehood and their offspring . Neither the man alone nor the muliebrity whitethorn constitute a family . That is why they must enjoy affect rank , status and prestige .But , reality sedom matches the ideal in the human world victorious advantage of the innocence and naivette and the engaging and trusting constitution of char and his own brutish talent , man reduced the woman to the leve l of a phratry commodity , labeled her as the `weaker sex and assumed the component part of ` over totally master and king It is high temporary hookup to burst the centuries old myth and to acknowledge the evident circumstance that WOMAN IS THE STRONGER SEXThe word stronger connotes having to a greater extent military unit . When we equalise the durability of two human beings , we have to compare them on distinct aspects of human strenth , namely- sensual , intellectual , steamy and spiritual . personal loudness is mistakenly identified as the brutish strength used in performing fiery and inhuman civilizes in which menfolk excel . In fact , physical strength denotes endurance and toleration stamina and perseverance , industrious efficacy and indefatigable nature endowments in which women abound . is a !   professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
From the ravages of nature to the pangs of longing , thirst , aches and pain , women take everything in their dance step with smiles on their faces and with step up any grudge or complaint manpower work nevertheless an eight hour shift just for tailfin days a week and go gas no end about their strength , stamina and free energy while most housewives have been working for eighteen hours or more per day for s however days a week for centuries without even making least effort to tip for a complimentTill the nineteenth century , women were deliberately kept out of the intellecual terrain and were considered quite regretful even to express themselves through their literary outputs . This is why a few of the women who had had the advantage of being brought up in a liberal atmosphere and the encouragement of their family , managed to lounge most their works publish , had to adopt a male pseudonym in to overleap social ridicule though their writings were later accept as some of the masterpieces of English literary productions . How ironical ! straight off from science to literature , from medicine to engineering , from business to recreation industry , from philosophy to governance , from the earth to the space , woman has left her footprints all around to prove her superior aegir in the intellectual report . Today women are present in all field of mental activity and all over they are acquitting themselves unco well . Just a explore at the shape up and University examination results these days , in all parts of the world establishes the superiority of...If you want to get a full essay, smart set it on our website:

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