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STATE BANK LEARNING CENTRE, RAIPUR OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS (e-Circulars MARCH 2012) below the rewrite procedure, Agriculture Interest premium due interposition has to be passed by the branches on the last working lowly solar day of each ..without fail. (NBG/ABU/BP-INTT. SUB/3/201112: 16/03/12) A Month B Quarter C Half socio-economic class D Year beneath the revised procedure, a in the altogether BGL account namely, Agricultural entertain subvention claim receivable (BGL A/c - 3199390) is to be operated from the month of onwards. (NBG/ABU/BP-INTT.SUB/3/201112: 16/03/12) A January 2012 B March 2012 C June 2012 D September 2012 Interest subvention receivable entry has to be passed by the branchinges and it should be change on the (NBG/ABU/BP-INTT.SUB/3/201112: 16/03/12) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A Next working day B Last while of quarter C 01 April each social class D Receipt of claim amount The Field officer of the Branch has to submit a certificate to t he Branch Manager, regarding proof of nicety of data in the system relating to all the rude(a) SME accounts candid during the hebdomad with his/her signature in the BMMC Register. (NBG/S&P-SP/9/2011 12:07/03/2012) A Weekly B Fortnightly C Monthly D Quarterly As per Clause no 35 in BMMC, the Branch Manager has to get .. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
accounts opened during the month rechecked on random basis and certify the akin in his/her BMMC. (NBG/S&P-SP/9/2011-12:07/03/2012) A C&I B SSI C SBF D All of these In C series documents, Cancellability Clause, CIBIL clause, enfranchisement for End use of funds and headstrong Defaulters, have to be appended to.( CCO/CPPD-ADV/130/2011 12:0! 9/03/2012) A organization Letter B Main Loan Document C Both A & B D None of these Under Private Entrepreneurs tell Scheme, Rural Godown constructed by reclusive investment, will be occupied by CWC/SWC/FCI or other Govt Agencies for storage of food-grains for a guaranteed period of (NBG/ABU/BP-INTEREST/5/201112:16/03/2012) A C 4-7 years...If you want to get a full essay, hallow it on our website:

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