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I. Intro Thesis: II. A facts of polygamy B. Polygamy Is For Women! C. Polygamy is an empowering lifestyle for women. D. Every polygamous marriage has more women in it than men! III. Polygamy goal is to chair relationships pratd on love, commitment, growth, honesty, and accepting personal responsibility. A.         It manage by women; it provides women the prospect and the environment to maximize family and c arer goals without all the tradeoffs and agree that are associated with a monogamist relationship. B.         Women are able to figure of polygamy in the terms of a free-market approach to marriage. M whatsoever deal they should come the opportunity to marry the best man available, no social function of his marital status. The fact that he already had five wives did non counteract them from chas ing that individual. C.         Polygamy is non for everyone.          1. However, for some it is Gods calling and Gods special blessing. They base this on a Biblical principles. They lived in obedience to Gods depart, as any marriage must be. 2.The church does not comport this invest! Polygamists do not have a indispensableness for divorce. If they penury to start a new marriage, that is fine, solely they will not destroy an existing marriage and family to do it. 3. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professio   nal writers!
Its felonious but ! can be placed without breaking the integrity scarcely by registering only one of the marriages with the State. D.         Polygamy is distasteful to to the highest degree Americans. 1. It is common, familiar and accepted by many different groups, primarily in the Western States. 2. do has the most cases and Tom third solid ground who is in most of the headlines today for this practice. IV. Conclusion: Polygamy mainly practice in the western state such as doh and women tend to agree with the lifestyle. Women like the fact that participating in Polygamy it removes the... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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