Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teen Pregnancy

p Teen pregnancy2007Teen pregnancy is a of c erstrn attributable to the significant impact on the wellness of the mother , barbarian , and partnership . The resources available for supporting the holds of immature mothers be diminish resulting in the majority of teenage mothers being caught in the flagitious cycle of poverty , school failure , and circumscribed deportment options (Stanhope Lancaster 2000In the United States more than 40 of women become gravid ahead they argon twenty years old , and 50 of teenage pregnancies occur deep down the first six months of their initial communication experience (Dangal , 2006 Certain behaviors teenagers display act as predictors to untimely informal activity : early dating , alcoholic drinking use , dropping out of school , lack of family and alliance support and relations hips , a victim of sexual abuse , and having a mother who was nineteen years old or petty(prenominal) when she birthed her first child (DangalAdditionally , teenage mothers face the bump of added wellness problems to themselves and the child during and after pregnancy . Girls under the age of primordial are at an increased risk for contracted pelvic girdle , and all teenage girls have an increased risk for enate mortality , in competent prenatal bursting charge , poor maternal(p) weight gain , sexually hereditary diseases (STDs , pregnancy gene footstep hypertension , anemia , and postpartum hemorrhage (Dangal , 2006 . STDs relate 25 of sexually active teenagers each year , and STD familial diseases can clear to life long problems such as infertility , pubic louse , and ec pregnancies (Stanhope Lancaster 2000 . Other wellness and social risks associated with teenage pregnancy include higher babe mortality , or children with fall cognitive abilities , physical e xploitation , and future attainment (Cassata! Dallas 2005Nursing professionals who put forward supervise within the biotic community must create plans of care , and provide the gist to evaluate the success and need for proceed nursing incumbrances for the community s teenage population .
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Sexually transmitted diseases , pregnancy , and the health risks associated with both are the focus assign of nursing intervention plans to increase adolescents wittingness and knowledge group , and to reduce or prevent the overall occurrence of STD infection and pregnancy too , nurses must educate teenagers who already are pregnant to look for medical care . Early and adequate prenatal care is crucial to detect health problems associated with teenage pregnancy , and to enjoin healthy outcomes and healthy mothers (Dangal , 2006 . In an enterprise to reduce the rate of early sexual behavior resulting in poor health outcomes , STD infection , and pregnancy , teenagers , their parents , and the community need to be aware of the consequences . Awareness is fostered through social mobilization , information public exposure , sex education contraceptive handiness , and communication campaigns (DangalDiagnosisThe diagnosis for the selected aggregate is : Knowledge deficit cerebrate to negative consequences of sexual behavior resulting in STDs , human immunodeficiency computer virus /acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV /acquired immune deficiency syndrome and /or pregnancy secondary to adolescenceRationaleAccording to The National rouse to counter Teen Pregnancy (TNCPTP in the year 2003 , 32 .8 of American ninth graders reported having s ex at least once (TNCPTP , 2004 . The same report by ! TNCPTP affirmed the account of tenth part graders that reported having...If you want to get a copious essay, rove it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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