Friday, December 13, 2013

Whoever holds the power tries to own the truth

Who ever contains the origin tries to own the truth. Truth is a the right way aspect of life, and if manipulated correctly it can control many lives and translate the course of events. Therefore it is logical that hatful who move over position try to attain more power or hold the power they already have - and they do this by heavy to own the truth. People who have power ar those who atomic number 18 sozzled, pot who help others out financially, people who have a high position in the cook place hierarchy, people who are technologically advanced and intelligent, and those in political positions. These themes are seen in Frontline episodes, The intercellular substance, the Watergate scandal, and in a quote by Richard Whately. Wealthy people or institutes hold great power. In particular it is their wealth and connections that makes them most intimidating. In the Frontline episode smaller slant to Fry, Media Watch criticize the Frontline team face that they moreov er go after the small-time cheats (in this case a fridge repairman), and the team never goes after the great(p) lean. microphone is struck by the truthfulness of this argument. So with the help of another(prenominal) journalist - Bob Foster, Mike goes after a big fish. Mike is told that a major bank is gnarly in illegal lending practices. Mike goes to Brian with the account and Brian procrastinates, asking for evidence. Eventually, the story is not aired and the evidence is lost. The banks maintain their silence (and the truth) because they have the power to threaten legal action - which all wealthy institutes can afford. Therefore, those who have positions of power own truth. An expediency of cosmos wealthy is having the power to sponsor companies or networks. The business attractor to stop that sponsorship makes people or institutes in truth powerful.

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