Monday, January 27, 2014

Chesapeake vs. New England Regions.

Although the New England and Chesapeake regions were both settled largely by smokestack of English origin, by 1700 the two had evolved into two distinct societies. It would be impossible to explain each of the hundreds of reasons for this change in development but, there were many important factors whose effects can be seen. Some of these factors were religious motives, economic motives, environment (for crops) , and social life. These factors ar of importance because it distinguishes the characteristics of one colony from the other. The New England region of the colonies imply Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. New England was a safety drapery for religious separatists leaving England, and they were called the Puritans. The Puritans wanted two things: 1) the local authorities to be controlled by the same people who controlled the church and 2) that the word would be the basis for all laws and regulations. Immigrants going to New England le t very religious and family oriented communities. Many immigrants who came to New England came in large families that supported the community. They supported the community by placing great importance on literacy, so every citizen could read the Bible. The unaccompanied thing that troubled the New England region was questioning the volume of the church. People like Ann Hutchinson and Roger Williams were persecuted this reason. The New England region was NOT take for economical reasons. So, New England settlers reproduced much of Englands economy with only pocket-size variations. However, they did not invest in large-scale farming because their mood and soil were unbearable. Their economy was based on small farming, hall of the zodiac industry, fishing, trade, and shipbuilding industry. In a childs social life the wake up would generally pick when and whom they would marry. The Chesapeake region of the colonies included Virginia, I f you want to thought process a full essay! , order it on our website:

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