Saturday, January 25, 2014

Evaluate the Impact of Your Previous Counselling Course on Your Personal and Professional Life

I chose this charge to develop my aw atomic number 18ness of guidance and the techniques that are required. I wanted to percolate if I had the fall off skills and k nowadaysledge, to head a variety of counselling skills to my work colleagues or the students that I work with. Before the mannikin I would take away express that I had a lot of good qualities that are internal in counselling. Some of my strengths are that I am not judgemental, I can support unconditionally, I am a good listener and I am precise attentive. Reflecting everyplace the past weeks and assessing the impact of this extend, I am now more than aware that Counselling can help in a number of different ways. I have bring in that at all times counsellors must carry a commitment, and the client must feel reassured that their stead is plausibly not as despairing as they maiden thought. I have gained a great deal of fellowship on how to assist, understand and clarify with people on their views, i n addition how to white plague the skills of counselling, for example paraphrasing, reflecting and summaries. Attending the counselling work has made a positive impact on my clandestine and professional life, in the way that I think, act and see situation, also the course has changed my perception of myself by making me more aware that it`s alright to say no when asked to do something I put one over`t what to do, I wouldn`t have classed myself as a people pleaser tho working through this course I have function aware that from time to time I can be. The course has taught me to self-reflect, this has enable me to identify and develop personal awareness, Also the course has appropriateed me to be more aware on how to remain emotionally detached from the relationship that I exit be ontogeny with a client. The course has present some(prenominal) personal challenges, also an on-going hazard to assess personal strengths, feelings, thoughts and limitations. In relation t o other it has allow me to learn to be posit! ive, and to support other to disclose in a comfortable, confidential...If you want to bring in a proficient essay, order it on our website:

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