Friday, January 24, 2014

Man and Death

Tao ken ti ipupusay (Man and decease) Death is lifes annul from the real world and the beginning of eternal life with sculpt image in the immortal world. To the Ilocanos [in Philippines], gasat (fate) determines life on earth.  (EPMECS, 1984, 17) Death is authorized as nakem ti Apo (Gods will). To them, it is the fulfilment of mavens destiny, the inevitable. In their point of view, they atomic number 18 able to nominate the sledding away of their loved ones better with courage and fortitude. Traditionally, Ilocanos run believed that virtually of mans illnesses are cased by spirits. Accidents and grotesque events have habitually traced to the supernatural beings either be the aswang (witch) or the manna may (sorcerer). The most common sign of expiry in the family is the appearance of omens much(prenominal) as a black womanise entering a house at night or during an eclipse. An old cleaning woman is called in to pray and allude the person near ly dying. Consequently, a coconut shell is pose under the dying mans underside to hear the angel and the disturb fighting for possession of the mans soul. When a man dies, an atong or temtem (bon gust) is adjust in front of his house. The atong declares the death in the family to spirits and the living. The fire is left burning for the continuation of the lamay (wake). In earlier times, captivity was held on the same twenty- quaternary hour period that the person died or the following day for the lamay. The wakes become longer- from four old age to more than a week-when embalming was introduced. (Ingel, 2002, 19) The kin and the entire union are expected to makiminatay or makidilangit (share in regret) end-to-end the lamay and to pay respect to the utterly. The family, friends and neighbours also offer their arayat that is to say in flowers, cash or any of kind. By custom, members of the ready family of the dead are refrained from working during the duration of th e lamay. It is believed cooking may cause po! orer eyesight because of seeing the fire and carrying heavy objects...If you pauperization to go away a full essay, order it on our website:

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