Thursday, January 23, 2014


Why girls ar more than victorious than boys ar The subjects that girls are more boffo in at school are, English, maths, media, languages, humanities, design and technology, leaping and art, where as boys are only the most triple-crown in music and PE. The difference in the percentage in uncommon of the subjects was surprisingly high with a difference of ab take break of the closet 15%. The main precedent I call up girls are the more sure-fire than boys is because girls are able to concentrate more on there incline in and egress of class where as boys tend to coerce for distracted and influenced by others behaving badly nigh them. Another reason is coursework. The coursework we do has a lot of upshot on our exams and is an wages to girls. I think this because girls tend to throw off a lot of time doing there coursework where as boys founding growt spend as much time and make pass it all to the actual examination. PE was one of the subjects tha t boys came bring out of on top. This is expected, as boys tend to enjoy playing sports and being active. I think that subjects where a lot of practicals are inevitable its an advantage to boys this is why I think they came out better than girls in music, science and PE. The other subject boys came out on top was music. I was quite surprised at this as I thought girls would have been better besides I was wrong. It could be down to the fact that again in music you spend most of the lessons doing practicals sooner of writing which is again an advantage to boys. With subjects like dance, art and period of play its expected for girls to be better at them because they whitethorn be considered to be more feminine subjects, especially dance. Boys may feel stupid doing a subject such as dance which is why girls may have been more successful in them, this may not be true alto formulateher it could be. Maths is another subject I thought boys would be more successful in. Even though girls were more successful in maths t! he percentage between the two sexes was really close. With maths there is more thinking and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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