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Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and landforce By hind end Steinbeck Setting: This story debates sliminessness end during the slump of the 1930s. This is known be pee-pee of the aim of migratory piddleers. The events of this defy fritter place on a gap in the Salinas Valley, calcium nigh the townspeopleship of Soledad. The command mood of the story is solitude and isolation. The workforce cargo performing field to themselves and do non normally send in one and only(a) an other. Characters: The protagonists in this raw atomic number 18 George Milton and Lennie Small. George is expound as: ... trivial and quick, dark of face, with continueless eyes and sharp, strong features(p. 2). He shows himself to be a responsible, fondness globe. George depletes up responsibility of calculateing after Lennie one solar day after he around gets Lennie killed: One day a bunch of quats was standin around up on the Sacramento River. I was feelin pretty smart. I turns to Lennie and says ? excel in. An he jumps. Couldnt swim a stroke. He damn near drowned before we could get him. An he was so damn delicate to me for pullin him come divulge of the closet. whitened forgot I t obso allowe him to jump in. Well, I aint through with(p) postal code ilk that no more(p. 40). George c ares virtually Lennie, and acts be a father figure to him. Lennie is Georges companion, he is not truly(prenominal) smart, he is more kindred a child than the adult that he turn tabus to be. Lennie is the opposite of George. He is ... a huge man, uncrystallised of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders; and he walked heavily dragging his feet a little, the fashion a withstand drags his paws. His arms did not get intimately at his sides, plainly hung in the main(p. 2). Lennie is a impartial man, he cares about George and the dream that the devil of them have about owning their own land. He likes to touch things that appear prett y or soft, much(prenominal) as, a mouse, a! voice of velvet or a red dress. These actions get him into a part of nark sometimes, be own he is not able to venture about the consequences. At the ranch, the boss resultword Curley is an antagonist in this phonograph recording. Curley is a retrieve tempered, edgy, violent, new-fashioned man. Curley is ... a thin young man with a brownness face, with brown eyes and a taper of tightly curled hair(p. 25). He does not like men that are larger than him and feels the need to attack them to seek himself. This is trounce proven by glaze overs statement: ?Curleys like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys. Hes alla time filling fling with big guys. Kind of like hes mad at ?em because he aint a big guy(p. 26). Curley is domineering by the way he controls his wife. Curleys wife reveals this when she says ?You can talk to citizenry, however I cant talk to nothing but Curley. Else he gets mad(p. 87). Curley is not thoroughly liked by the men on the ra nch because of his actions. plot of land: George and Lennie are two friends who are on the psychometric prove from nettle in a town named Weed. They find institute at a ranch near a town named Soledad. Life as a ranch hand is precise persistricting. The bunkhouse is plain and rigid. Each man has a cot to rest on and a milk crate on the wall for storage. The men have few possessions. As George and Lennie start to imbrue up friends, they come closer to realizing their dream of owning land with the sustain of their bracing friend Candy. They settle down to stay and work for the month. Lennie is granted a new-born puppy by Slim the jerkline skinner. The boss son Curley antagonizes Lennie, receivable to the fact that Lennie is large and slow witted, while Curley is small and mean tempered. George warns Lennie stay forward from Curley because he will cause trouble. later on Curley does cause trouble with Lennie and Curley gets hurt. Curleys wife is a young sexy woman. She tries to make friends with the men! on the ranch, but is thwarted. George splits Lennie that she will cause problems and to stay away. That Sunday afternoon the rest of the men are out in the yard compete horseshoes. Lennie is in the boron with his puppy. Lennie is unable to understand that he inevitably to be naughty with living things and has killed his puppy by playing withal clumsy with it. Lennie is upset and mad that the puppy died, when Curleys wife finds him assay to efface it. She starts to talk to Lennie. Lennie tries to leave, remembering that George t rare him to stay away from her. She crys out that she is totally(a) and would he stay? Lennie is confused, he expects to get into trouble for violent death the puppy and she does not care about it. Lennie sits to talk. Curleys wife tells Lennie her lifes dream. Lennie mentions that he likes soft things and she invites him to touch her hair. She tells him to stop when she thinks he is messing it up. She says it a little to loud and a l ittle to angry, Lennie does not know what to do, so he conquers on. Curleys wife screams at him to let go of her, this makes Lennie hold on even harder. He covers her mouthpiece and tells her to be quiet, she screams once more and Lennie shakes her, hard. He inadvertently breaks her neck, cleanup position her. Lennie drops her and runs back to the campsite that George and Lennie had camped at the night before kickoff work at this ranch. Candy comes into the barn looking for Lennie and finds Curleys wife. He runs to George. They talk. George goes to the bunkhouse and gets his jacket and steals a pistol from one of the men. Candy tells the other men about his ?find. Curley is outraged, he wants to find Lennie and kill him. George tells the men Lennie would have gone south. The rest of the men take off. George runs to the northwestward to the campsite. Lennie is endureing for him, George talks to Lennie for a few minutes. Lennie askes George to tell him about their dream, and as George is telling Lennie, he defeats h! im in the back of the head. There by preventing Curley from getting the gladness of killing Lennie and putting Lennie out filter of anymore harm. shank: The central idea that the condition is trying to convey would be loneliness. The men on the ranch are mostly unfrequented men. Crooks the coloured stable buck says ?A guy goes zany if he aint got nobody. Dont make no contrast who the guy is, longs hes with you. I tell ya, he cried. ?I tell ya a guy get to a fault lonely an he gets sick(p. 73). Crooks is not the solitary(prenominal) man who experiences loneliness in this novel. Candy the swamper is positive(p) by Carlson to let Carlson cod his old hot trail to put it out of its misery. Candy did not want to do this because the furrow was his oldest and only friend. Curleys wife is kept apart from everyone by Curley. She had her dream to be in the movies crushed, so she married Curley. Curley does not like her talk of the town to anyone other than him and g ets mad at her if she does (p. 87). The men of the ranch keep to themselves and do not like it if anyone inquires into their past. They are lonely and aghast(predicate) to share anything of themselves so that they do not get hurt, this adds to their loneliness. standstill: John Steinbeck creates a realism in the novel Of Mice and Men by using the dialect of the Depression era. It shows that most of the people during this period were uneducated. The vocabulary is down to state and very very much localized. The level of intrest in this novel is high. John Steinbeck does a very good job of involving the ref in the story. He shows the human beings of life during the Depression, and tells of the hopes and dreams of the people for a better life. The characters are flat forward, to the point. The character development is minimal, John Steinbeck reveals little about the characters. He starts the story in the nitty-gritty of events, and carries it over three days and nigh ts. It is a quick look into the hold waters of Georg! e and Lennie. The novel Of Mice and Men is grant for this ground floor level. It is simple and uncomplicated, which makes it a fine novel for reading how to stand for the composes intentions and themes. John Steinbeck bring the era of the Depression in to military position for the present day reader. He reveals what it was like to live in that time and how hard it was on the people to hold in out their everyday lives. John Steinbeck creates strong expressions in this novel, such as when Carlson wants to take Candys dog out and when he does take Candys dog out to kill it: ?Hes all stiff with rheumatism. He aint no good to you, Candy. An he aint no good to himself. Whynt you burden him, Candy? The old man squirmed uncomfortably. ?Well?hell! I had him so long. Had him since he was a pup. I herded sheep with him. He convey proudly, ?You wouldnt think it to look at him now, but he was the take up damn sheep dog I ever seen. Carlson was not to be put off. ?Look, Cand y. This ol dog jus suffers hisself all the time. If you was to take him out and carry him right in the back of the head...why hed never know what fixing him. Candy looked about unhappily. ?No, I couldnt do that. I had ?im too long. ?Well, you aint being kind to him keepin him alive... Ill put the old devil out of his misery right now and get it over with. Aint nobody left for him. Cant eat, cant see, cant even walk without hurtin. Candy verbalise, ?Maybe tomorra. Les abide till tomorra. ?I dont see no reason for it, say Carlson. He went to his bunk, pulled his bag from underneath it and took out a luger pistol. ?Lets get it over with, he said. ?We cant sleep with him stinkin around in here. He put the pistol in his hip pocket. At last Candy said softly and hopelessly, ?Awright ?take ?im. He did not look down at the dog at all. He lay back on his bunk and pass his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling. The old dog got slowly to his feet and followed the gently pulling leash. Carlsons footsteps died away.! The silence came to the room. And the silence lasted. A shot sounded in the distance. The men looked quickly at the old man. Every head turned toward him. For a moment he continued to stare at the ceiling. Then he roll slowly over and faced the wall and lay silent.(pp.44-49). This face also depicts some suspense by the waiting for the shot. The book has been well written and there is no need for it to be improved. This novel is a compelling story of friendship and loneliness. The author inspires the reader to sympathize with the characters and to truly understand them. Bibliography: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Penquin Books systematic army Inc, New York. 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