Friday, January 31, 2014

Scenario One - Gap Analysis

Running head : GAP ANALYSIS : Global communicating theoryGap analytic thinking : Global communications[Name]University of PhoenixGap Analysis : Global CommunicationsThe blueprint of this study is to value the current situation at the winning biotechnology keep company , Global Communications analyze the issues or opportunities , problems , ethical dilemmas , and lay together fetch up-state goals . Global Communications has experienced more than 50 percent depreciation in its stock . The company has suggested that their clog is goodd competition in topical anesthetic and global markets as well as diversified seam companies . Benchmark companies much(prenominal) as Continental Communications Inc , AT T , Verizon Communications , and other have managed to creatively overcome constancy stroke while remaining lucrativeGlob al Communications goals and objectives are to success goody argue in the evolving telecommunication industry improve earning per parcel of land (EAP , visit customer demands , and increase sugar and tax incomes . To that end , the old comportership team up up developed a strategic devise to come before new services to its delicate traffic and consumer customers and identified cost-cutting measures . The contrive will increase revenues and profit through and through an aggressive globalisation initiative , which outsource and downsize municipal mention centers and create centers in India and Ireland GC s strategies must formulate into a win-win situation for its stakeholders-stockholders , the display panel of directors , watchfulness employees , Technologies Workers coalescency (TWU , small businesses and consumer customersSituation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationGlobal Communications wants to increase revenues , and profits , through more aggress ive globalization . focus s strategic le! ad of study addresses the desires of the Board of Directors to more effectively contend in local markets and expand into the global however , the plan has peculiar(a) solutions and major implications . The exclusion of TWU from negotiations coupled with ineffective communications has resulted in a reduction force (RIF ) that can lead to great presidencyal conflicts . With the board s approval , the senior team plans too cut cost by outsourcing downsizing the domestic call centers , and relocating employees (to India and Ireland ) at a lower salaryEffective communication between management , employees , and union is necessary to resolve the internal differences . A business manner of this magnitude warrants a more personal go up such as face-to-face communication , quite an than telecommunicate . Kreitner and Kinicki (2004 ) note that Face-to-face is the richest from of communication . It provides immediate feedback and allows for remark of multiplex delivery cues such as body language and footmark of voice (p .20 ) The opportunity exists to address immediate concerns and issues that endanger the organization s financial stability and structureIt is questionable , whether the strategic plan , in current form outline all GC s coming(prenominal) problems and solutions fortunately , there is an opportunity for management to reevaluating the conclusiveness-making crop whereby , test out other alternatives to increasing both revenue and profits without outsourcing or downsizing their domestic call centers Although , the senior team has developed a plan , they should reevaluate the implications of their stopping bear down . Bateman and Snell (2004 ) state decision makers should (1 ) identify and diagnose the problem (2 knit under alternative solutions (3 ) evaluate alternatives (4 ) make the choice (5 ) devour the decision , and (6 ) evaluate the decision...If you want to get a full essay, coif it on our website:

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