Saturday, January 25, 2014

Women in the Middle East

Through step forward history, women build always been considered a weaker sex; the iodine that the men take advantage of. However, it is also worth noning that in recent history, women have stood up to articulate their voice. In America, women let out through protests, partitions, etc. But those ar not the solo way women can be heard as Therese Saliba had certain(predicate) us in one of the guest lectures. Her topic was on women in the spunk eastern. The lecture contained many interesting facts and ideas. As I listened to the lecture, I saw many similarities between the centre of attention Eastern women and the women in my own country, Vietnam, in how they are fight for their rights and their place in society. In the first part of her lecture, she presented a picture of the nub Eastern women painted by the piece of cake jacket through orientalism. She indeed explained that this is how the air jacketerners think of the Middle Eastern women, timid, oppressed, an d they motivating to be free. Conversely, the Middle Eastern women consider that they do not need help from the West, according to Therese Saliba. She then explained why women have always been low appreciated and oppressed by their culture. In the later part of her lecture, she laid out a long ton of information that came from many statistics and studies from a variety of different scholars, and the resoluteness was the opposite of what many Westerners think. Although the women in the Middle East are not quite as free as the West in term of education, health, and politics, they are not that far remote either. Near the end of the lecture, she cerebrate with how the women in the Middle East are fighting for equating through created underground schools for women to attend, creating a group so they could encourage each other, and so on. In the first part of Therese Salibas lecture, she said that women in the Middle East are under appreciated and their role is to honk and maint ain the family tree. This made me mean abou! t my own country. In Vietnam, [a]fter marriage, woman became...If you want to shoot for a full essay, sanctify it on our website:

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