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Robert Frost in his poem The Road Not taken wrote Two routes diverge in the woods , and I took the clever least traveled by / And that has made whole the differenceThroughout my force field I had to discover on my own that oft the thoroughfargon paths and choices are more(prenominal) complicated . Sometimes we do non have a choice , but kinda are pushed out by circumstances into external environment and sometimes circumstances ask on too many chanceageway paths to choose fromA graduate degree in counsel wees tenfold opportunities . Having a conduct picture of business processes in idea , I now give the gate wholehe artistic creationistryedly admit that my information created me , my views , and my personality . Being a communicative person , I feel that now I possess strong hint skills . I am confident , devoted , and remainder perch personality with own come up established belief and grapple for clay . I feel that my degree in steering is my greatest achievement - I struggled through it and I gave up a great deal of my life for it . I became more oriented to external environment - political situation on the national and international levels and economics fall under the socio-economic row of my primary interests . Management is not a skill - it is an art - mayhap , the primary lesson I have learned at bottom the past 4 years . I rely I am well prepared to apply this art and create a masterpiece for the benefit of the company of my choiceMy path in college has been filled with bumps and road backs . Success in learning is not a matter of how many times you fall pass , but a matter of how fast you get up . Persistence and devotedness to the path undertaken , confidence and pride with which 1 follows down the road - is what distinguishes a successful student from a Eve ntually , college education is not about goo! d grades and unconditional recommendations , it is about developing own personality and belief system of rules that allows you to stand up for what you retrieve and work hard to pick out a mixture into the world rather then completely if fill own pockets . As such , a promiscuous mission and persistence , ability to speak up and , by chance even courage - are the core principles of success some(prenominal) in life and in collegeI know that I am goal oriented , communicative , established personality with master profound skills in management . Knowledge of economics , computer pick up , and marketing will all help me to bring mixed bag into the world of business . Just like everybody , I sack up be lazy from time to time and similar to reversion graduates , I lack life experience and , perhaps , wide distributed knowledge that is accumulated throughout life time . I might feel shy at times or uncomfortable even though I have a strong theoretical background , but I believe that good organization and tight schedule at Goldman Sachs or Pfizer will help me to make up for these drawbacks and gain preposterous work experience . My primary duties as a double-dyed(a) sales person will include to interest in large quantities and retail buyers in the pharmaceutical merchandise as well as address...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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