Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interview Questions

Supply Chain Management Suggested Interview Questions What follows ar suggested questions for you to physical exercise in your interview with your client company. These argon very usual and whitethorn non apply to your company in completely cases, so be sure to use good judgment to borrow a leak your own list of questions. Do not report in a question-and-answer format. Key Logistics Performance Measures * What things sign up measured in this company? Please list all specific measures. * How is the selective information from these measurements used for reinforcing stimulus, evaluation or performance improvement? * How often is this data examined? What actions does it whiz to? * be you measuring much things or fewer things recently? * raft you point to any valuable changes you thrust made cod to measuring your performance? * What queer issues affect your industry and caper? Examples might be lead times, volatility, sc ar resources, and so on customer Service Policies * How are customers differentiated by your company? For example, do you have gold customers or A class customers? If not, why not? Does this mean that customers get the alike(p) treatment regardless of their strategic importance to the company? * Who are your most valuable customers? What makes them so? Do you base this on profit, sales, or near other measure? * Who are your least valuable customers? What makes them so? (No privation to name names here, unless to describe the type of customer that is least profitable, etc.) * How are serve levels different for these different levels of customers? That is, do some get more frequent delivery, better credit terms, etc.? * How important are relationships in this business? How formal are your relationships with your customers? * Do you have a formal Customer affinity Management computer program in place? If so, disport describe it; if not, why not? * Is there a reward fo! r hitting certain targets in this area? Inventory Strategies, * What items are stored in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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