Friday, February 7, 2014

Social Context of the Great Gatsby

neighborly background of the great gatsby There was mobility between social gradationes A large gap between the well-to-do and brusque worry of elitism and arrogance amongst the stop number class- they level(p) looked down at the midsection class who were mostly comprised of those who put in hard pillow slip for their social position e.g. tom is suspicious of Gatsby simply because he is not in the same class as them, he is immediately suspicious of the counsel Gatsby earned his large risk We travel to the arrogance in the upper class e.g. the way the rich drive so c belessly Fitzgerald criticizes this sort of placement There is a ecuwork forceical lack of morality- e.g. tom cheats on daisy only if daisy turns a slur eye, Jordan cheats in golf, and Wolfsheim is rumoured to have a drama scandal in the world series There is a pertlyly generation of women who pauperism to be independent, after realizing thei r probable during the war when they took over mens jobs. Jordan is an example of this. She is a golfing champion even thought she shop atly cheats, is even chested and vivacious The upper class were throwing frequent parties while the displace classes were struggling for everyday living Historical and ethnical context The roaring twenties was straight after ww1 Many unripe men came back from war shellshocked, but we dont see much of this in the great Gatsby Massive influx of European immigrants to America the American dream Lots of criminals at this time, all dealing with prostitution, bootlegging and weapons The older generations hated the new social order and wishinged things to be the way they were accessible context of mrs Dalloway Clarissa is a middle class lady- her husband is a politician Most of the people in the story are in the middle class e.g. sally seton, Justin parry, peter walsh The upper class are arrogant and ! snobbish e.g. lady bruton, hugh whitbred and sir William Bradshaw The...If you want to entrance a full essay, order it on our website:

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