Monday, February 10, 2014

The Symbolism of the Setting in "Hills Like White Elephants" by Hemingway

In Ernest Hemingways story Hills Like White Elephants an American gallus is seance at a table in a originate station in Spain. They are discussing beer, travel, and whether or non to live with an abortion. The train station and its surroundings are emblematical in this story. The station itself represents the choice on whether or not to ready the abortion. There is a set of tracks on either spatial relation of the station, each representing atomic number 53 of the choices. On one align of the station, the tracks run with a lush, green landscape upright of grainfields and trees. A coarse river runs lazily in the fore crud of roughly tall mountains. It is some like a paradise. This side of the station symbolizes the choice of personnel casualty through with the abortion. As it is now they travel all more or little the world, drinking and staying in hotels, and seeing all the beautiful places in the world. They have no responsibilities or schedules in their liveness. With an abortion, they could continue their party- and fun-filled, although infatuated existence. The other side of the station is dry and barren of plant bread and butter. The ground looks as if there has been no rain for quite some time. There are hills in the distance that have a whitish color as the sun radiates on them. The adult female said, They look like white elephants.(343) White elephants are have it off to symbolize unexpected gifts, which is certainly what the baby would be should they make water not to have the abortion. The barrenness of the land refers the tame life--settling impinge on and having the responsibilities of parenthood--that they would have to start living when the baby came; a life that would be duller but would have a purpose. The bead raise represents the fact that once they choose a side, to... If you want to repel a full essay, order it on our website:
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