Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Theme\'s in Ender\'s Game

in that location are almost(prenominal) themes associated with the novel, Enders Game. in time, I think back that the theme, wizardes come in entirely sizes, best fits this particular novel. Ender plainly is the one that this theme is ground make of. He is a small hardly very brave tender being. He as well as has very healthy leadership skills that you nonice ulterior in the novel. Ender continuously proves himself to be a hero in many situations, he never backs down, and he is the one that not only lastly saves the human species but the buggers.\nOne of Enders many encounters where he plays as a hero is when he is asked to go to Battle rail. There were some positives to that situation and some negatives. On the positive side, Ender would be able to get on fightd from the kids constantly bullying him at school, and he would no long-lived have to put up with pricks ferine ways. However, he would truly deteriorate Valentine, Enders sister that served as his prote ctor at times. Ender would also miss his parents. In the end, he put all that away and looked at things in the top dog of view that the end of the foundation was in his hands. He matte as if it was his duty to addle sure that did not happen. So, Ender make the bold decision to pertain in Battle School and possibly fight the war against the buggers, which he did.\nAlso, Ender shows his hero abilities when he stands up for himself and puts Bonzo in a coma. How is this decision considered something a hero would do? Well, simply because Peter got what he deserved in order to learn his lesson. Yes, it was a little harsh, but it was an accident. However Im more(prenominal) than sure that Bonzo was planning to do something to Ender just as violent, but NOT on accident.\nIn addition, the most remarkable and memorable phenomenon of the Enders game the ultimately supports this theme is after the war. Ender treasured to save the world, but he had too kind of a heart to kill off a whole species even out though that is what happened. Unintenti...

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