Thursday, January 26, 2017

Helen Erikson - Modeling and Role Modeling

Dr. Helen Erikson PhD is a nonrecreational adjudge as well as an educator. Her private and professional experiences conduct to the reading of the concepts of modeling and Role Modeling (MRM) as a theory. These concepts were non only influenced by her hunt as a professional nurse, yet also by her connections with her father-in-law, Dr. Milton H. Erikson MD. Dr. M.H. Erikson was well kn give birth for his atypical methods, views on human nature, and clinical results. As Erikson launched her course, she often asked her father-in-law for steering in what to do and how to do it in regards to her nursing practice. She cute specifics such as protocols and processes that would slew the problems she saw in her patients. His chemical reaction was to lead her on a path of discovery by not answering her questions, but by asking her to remember the leaf nodes world. He challenged her to develop a intent and to work at bottom the clients world so as to utilize it as a model to b e experienced. M. Erikson suggested that each client has their own view of the world and their environs; as healthcare practitioners the lineament is to help them be victorious and live quality lives within that world.\nEriksons Experiences\nErikson began her nursing career in 1957, similar to many nurses; working in a community hospital. She was the head nurse of the Midland, Texas, Emergency Room. After a couple of years she changed paths and became a Supervisor of Nursing at the Michigan State hearth for Mentally Impaired and Handicapped. In 1960, she relocated to Puerto Rico for four-spot years; there she was the manager of Health Services at the Inter American University. some other experiences once she returned to the United States include staff nursing, and then as a psychiatric consultant for a Pediatric foster Practitioner Program at the University of Michigan Hospitals Adult Care (Alligood & Tomey, 2010). Eriksons academic career began as a nursing instructor, whi ch led to becom...

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