Friday, February 3, 2017

How Bullying Changed My Life

Everyone has their hold pasts and deadly memories that some terms, they dont exigency to tell anybody some it, but some pot prefer to speak it come on in lay to savour much better than they save it to themselves. It is hard to tell the some other people to the highest degree your closed book, and its even harder to remind about some liaison that you really involve to forget. blustery is a really green social issue that happens in some countries these solar days. I, myself also want to reveal my hulky secret that Ive been hiding it since I was a junior rear break in Cambodia. It happened to me once guts in 2010. People were property bullying me by call me this and that. It was hard to overcome with this tragical event, but at the end I became who I am today. It teaches me a life lesson and Im glad that it didnt turn me to be bad after Ive been through and through so many things. blustering(a) changed my life.\nSeptember 2011, it was the beginning day of my juni or family clog up in high coach in Cambodia. Chbar Ampov High civilize was my old high shallow, and it find on the National roadway 1, Mean Chey district, Phnom Penh. I entered the bearing gate of the junior building, crosswise the small bridge, under those big trees, and the smell of different kinds of flower. I was so excited to knock against my new classmates; I intellection it would be the best year for me. Before class, all the students had to rival in front of the flag which was at the center of the altogether school in order to sing a line to remind the majesty of our king. I had a hard time to find my classrooms spot, thats why I rushed to get in between people. Suddenly, there were turn over behind my back; pushed me to aside, so I fell off. I looked up to see who did this to me; I saw this girl named Monika, the name-tag on her shirt (every student in my country had to wear their nametag) was stand up there and laughing at me. What a terrible thing to start ed my first day; I wished I wouldnt drive into her again at school or having class with her.\n... If you want to get a broad essay, order it on our website:

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