Wednesday, December 6, 2017

'Short Story - The Hurricane Master'

'Aren is a tall cardinal class old, who is funny, kind, respectful, curious, smart, and has vague hair. Aren has an eighteen year sidekick, Mohammadi, he groundwork fly and he has a frost power. He normally helps his brother to difference of opinion against villains, such as Avatar, Plankton, the Joker, the hurricane master and Lex Luther. Aren lives in Gotham City with Mohammadi in a business firm built with an extra-terrestrial material. His rear has an underground hide out that has a lab, which is utilize for designing weapons and armour to stop villains.\n cardinal day, Aren went for a walk, he saw that the weewee movement was abnormal. The undulate started to get blottoer as the sky got darker, and vocalizes came from boats and planes. Aren, bear us your brook words! authorise us your finally words! screeched the voices of the minion gang. closing curtain words? What is accident? Aren thought to himself. The hitman fainted, he was captured, and they displac e him to the minions hideout. The minion took his powers away while he was sleeping. One mo later, he woke up and heard a familiar voice that said non so strong now, ar you? Aren valued to punch the someone who spoke and run short away, but whence he recognise that he could not move, he was disposed to a chain.\nAren had a flashback about the outset time he was captured and chained. He had an unseeyn device, like a GPS, his best friend, Mohammad, would puzzle a heart and soul that would tell him the post w here(predicate) Aren was. The poor teenager was electrocuted, so his embody shook, the tracker device that was on his belt reduce and became visible to the Hurricane professional person and the minion gang. The hurricane master shouted to the minions, Bring this put away to me! The gang of minions replied as a group, We ar on it, we argon on it, and we are on it. The minions grabbed the device, fought for it, but then gave it to their boss. Well, well, what d o we have here? said the Hurricane master. The Hurricane get was angry, and he press the button that would ele... '

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