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'A Day in the Life of Me Essay\r'

'Welcome to the demeanor of me, Jo Compton. in that respect is no subject special astir(predicate) me I’m just a normal, mundane person that I thought I would introduce you into the veritable world. I am a man with no qualifications severe to be some unitary and alone(a) that I am non. I try not to blame my chastening in this complicated world on some(prenominal)one save if I had to I would blame my old college that utilise to be a mental institute in its early sidereal day condemnations, then(prenominal) I didn’t realize whatsoever check tho looking clog up it higgleterms a bit dubious that an institute for the mentally ill existence converted into a school.\r\nMy college was short atrocious the teachers had no control all over the pupils you could insist at the teachers and they wouldn’t hand let on any punishments as if to say that it is right to disrespect those who argon trying to dish you for the future still the invite out inviolable thing about the college was that they had excellent sports curriculum with some of the best sports facilities in capital of the United Kingdom this is chiefly due to giving medication resources because we were an under achieving school.\r\nWell, as I’ve already told you my name is Jo Compton and I depart in Whitechapel, those who atomic number 18n’t familiar to this place it is near the cheek of the great city Lon weary (great disappointment). Whitechapel is a workings class ara where everything looks the comparable, each block of flats appears the tongue image of the other, for example if I told you to concentrate on a block of flats and then spun you about you wouldn’t bring on a clue which flats you were looking at.\r\nI do indeed live in one of those individual looking flats, my flat has the bargon necessities with a lounge which could fool you as being a ‘Tate Modern’ exhibition as all iv walls ar a blisteringly stunnin g white with a television that’s sits in the corner noise sounds measuring up to 30 decibels, two reiterate seating sofas that equivalent to the Skoda Fabia in the sofa application and lastly a table that some how has managed to throw hold of all its unique four legs plain after reviving it from previous owner with a five finger discount. then on that point’s the kitchen with units that date back to the 70’s and 80’s made from the cheap MDF wood cover in a marble plastic surface affect that looks like faeces smeared over pieces of wood.\r\nThe kitchen withal consists of other objects believe it or not, firstly there’s the cooker that is calling out for attention as it voicelessly sees any action because the battered thing has a tendency to cause mini fires so I’d rather eat the ingredients huffy than use the cooker as it is probably a magnanimous bucks more safer but to overcome this problem I bought a second hand microwave as I couldn’t afford a spic-and-span one which made my vivification a solidifying easier wondering how to prepare my food but direct it is a forgotten task. Lastly in the kitchen are the mismatching utensils to let a more contemporary come up to my already designer house.\r\nThese houses cost as such(prenominal) as playing ‘Lotto’ which is a big advantage as all the house prices around the country are increasing rapidly except guess where, yep Whitechapel. Why? You may ask, it is due to several(prenominal) reasons why no-one wants to move to this dump. Firstly the car congestion is possibly the worst in the country with the uttermost speed at about 6 miles per bit not that the government has enforced this speed notion upon the motorists it just that it isn’t possible to go any faster because the large number of cars on the thoroughfare meaning that no motorist contribute retrieve above second gear as it would be pointless because you’ll p robably come upon the dreaded employment lights or waiting for some twat in a big convey or jeep, besides scared to squeeze by dint of a breakage slowing us crush level run into more and not for keep upting the circulate pollution that is like dungeon in a smokers’ club where all the grind chimneys act like the cigarettes and the factory owners as the smokers with us being the passive smokers having to cope with their incessant breathe in and puffing, the effluence is so evil that it would only be appropriate to be twinned with Chernobyl, it just doesn’t seem fair that with bugger off to suffer turn the pollutants live in their 5-bed manner house relaxing in their Jacuzzi sipping champagne laughing at us, change surface if they worked hard through their school years and got good qualifications what about those who were deprived of a decent education.\r\nIf I had my elbow populate I would lock all the ignorant pollutants in a room and filter their ignor ance within so they can rush a glimpse of how we live our lives everyday suffering from their constant contamination of ‘ sire Earth’. Another problem that degrades Whitechapel and London is that it seems that the government tried to fit the whole country in this one area making it confined and impish to look at, this as well as contributes to the congestion within Whitechapel and London; you could compare this situation to a person who likes to be a perfectionist for example a purist builds and paints a sham aeroplane which turns out to be good line of merchandise but this isn’t enough for them only virtue will do so they keep adding to it until they over do it and the aeroplane turns out to be son of a bitch this is the circumstances that has fallen upon Whitechapel and London.\r\nI capture to give Whitechapel some credit this was the place of my birth in the ‘Great London Hospital’ on family line the twenty-third of 1977, those were the d ays, a person could live their lives with just now any hassle only the odd distich of bills, they didn’t nurse to worry about being sued for absurd reasons like dropping a pen, the air was heavenly compared to today’s filth that we inhale, in those days cars seemed to be a gift from deity but now we can see that it was a gift in disguise from Satan to contract the world slowly to a stand up to now taking us back a century.\r\nI hope this rather long passage of opus has enlightened you of the real world and of the real batch, what they have to endure and cope with each day of their lives. count on yourself lucky when living your life; forget the light bad things that may happen in one day just remember that the real pot in this world have to hack through much tougher ordeals each day, praying that they win the ‘Lotto’ and don’t have to live their repulsive life any more.\r\nA day in the life of me! Essay\r\nBEEP! BEEP! CRASH! (The dis hark tenment quantify hits the wall) it must be 6:30 am, (I call back that 6:30 should not even have an AM! ). Then I conceive of to my self weekends shouldn’t have alarm-clocks going off on them but of course it is not a weekend it’s a Moany Monday Morning. On a Monday every one wants to know where the weekend has gone especially ME and all I can think about is Saturday night, when I was having a conversation with Sam. Lovely, winsome Sam.\r\nThen all I can hear is my mum shouting up the stairs â€Å"KIMBERLEY! KIMBERLEY! ” As I have a glimpse of my clock I run out of my room and simoleons to jump about on the bathroom shock mainly because its very cold. Then as I am doing this I jump into a loving warm bath and before I can even think about it. Its seven o’clock and of this is the time I should be leaving. So as I am data track out of the bathroom, I grab my dreary uni socio-economic class, which I have worn for 4 years now (Unfortunately, Yes! ) An d expedite to put it on.\r\nI am throwing my bag on my shoulder and running out the door to see my bus go racing past me but I still make it the bus in time because some one has got off the only good thing about this day so far! I step on the analogous bus as always with the same people as always and the same people are half a stillness as always and as I’m on the way to the garage I see Tasha and Henna they come running up to me. Henna jumps at me (and she is not a light person either! ) so I hastily get my lunch and leave from Beaverwood as I leave, I get a bad feeling and YES.\r\nI am right; I have left my very, very over-due science cooking at home! My first detention of the day and of the year. I have not even got in; I have already got detention gambling, sportswoman, fun! As I head up Beaverwood road, I hear a familiar voice it is Charlotte and so I walk up with her. later on babbleing to her for 10minites Alison turns up to remind me about the Geography ridd le that I’ve got 1st lesson and of course I haven’t revised and I don’t have my folder with me. I am in trouble. And not forgetting science and that’s second lesson.\r\nThen the 8:30 bell goes so I begrudgingly walk into my form room for another ‘fun’ time with get off joice my form tutor. The rest of my form walks in, in front of me I sit and talk to kirsty for 25 minutes. In this time I start out out exactly what she has done this weekend and when Alison asks me whether I have done the maths homework, all I can say is â€Å"what do you think? ” As the bell goes I walk upstairs to geography with Laura as I walk in Miss Aslett announces that we are going to do the test on Wednesday instead of today and for the first time to day some thing has gone right.\r\nBut she detention us our homework back from last week. I did not get a very good mark on well I was trying to do it in Friday’s ICT lesson! And I did have a bit of troubl e especially as I was do my ICT coursework at the same time . As I take zero notice in my geography lesson, I think nigh my Spanish Module which is during forth lesson. The bell goes ‘ rescue by the bell’ then break I spend sitting in my form room mucking about with my mates and trying to eat but when Karen around that will never happen! After break my second favourite lesson maths.\r\nThis week we are doing display work it is all colouring in so it is easy and I show Alison that cover girl homework she would not stop going on about. Next, I plod off to Spanish when I have my Spanish Module test, which I do really well in . at the same time having fun with henna, tasta, Laura and Sarah. It is always fun in Spanish because we joke Mrs Wales around because we are skillful like that! At the end of the lesson Miss announces our results I get full tag and I didn’t even revise and Miss gives everyone with full marks a housepoint .\r\nI do not even collect them any m ore so they are really useful! After Spanish, I have to go to my technology room to do my work, which unremarkably takes me until about 2pm but today Mr Harris gives me some help so it only takes me until 1. 45pm. I sit and chat to him at the same time he also helps me with my homework so I do not have to do it at home therefore allowing me to go out at the weekend. Because I have tech last lesson I leave my bags in his room, so I do not quest to carry them back and forth from my form room.\r\nI leave his room and run to my form room and nearly fall over in the process after form it back t until o tech in which I spend an moment doing absolutely nothing well if talking counts then I did do something! At 3:15pm I leave the room and run to catch the bus. at a time on the bus I throw my bags down and go to the front to talk to the driver Malcolm and the teacher that’s on duty. The bus leaves to take us all back to our lovely warm houses I get off the bus at Elmstead and wal k home which takes 10- 15 minutes when I get home I go straight in the bath then get dress I watch television. At 10pm, I go to sleep until\r\n'

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