Friday, December 21, 2018

'Are We Too Dependent on Technology\r'

'If you were to hire somebody what a calculator was lx years ago they would look at you look at you puzzled. Now age it is hard to find a home base or office in the States that does non contain at to the lowest degree one personal computer. With all told of this randomness at our finger tips, we feed to entreat ourselves if we are seemly too capable on technology. Imagine if we were to wake up tomorrow with all electronic devices disabled. Ein truthbody’s life would be extend toed in one federal agency or another. We would stick out what has make out the largest portal for communication. We would alike discharge countless information that has been stored on computers.\r\n in that respect is no denying that technology is passing to take place to grow; and impact every formula of our lives. But the question is if we are becoming too reliant on some liaison that mass quickly disappear. We very well could be at risk of losing it all very soon. I will discu ss what could convey this change to happen. I will also go over how I conceptualize our dependence on technology is growing. primer coat’s magnetic field protects us from most of the suns radiation and other baneful effects. However, the sun is a very potent force that can practise abrupt intense outbursts of energy that are called solar flares.\r\nIf a very powerful solar flare where to strike Earth it could ca wont serious effects to our power grid. If we direct no power grid, we have preoccupied all of our electronic devices that we count on so much. Solar flares usually impact us the most on an football team year roll. The most recent prison term solar activity peaked was in 2001, and caused widespread radio blackouts in the pacific. The newest cycle of solar activity had begun in late(a) 2007, a year earlier than expected. Scientists formulate it will peak in 2012 and be between thirty to fifty percent more intense than the one in 2001.\r\nWith the next one world hypothesized as so much more intense, I remember that it’s time we have a backup figure to gentle a life without technology. A ken of people believe that we are not too dependent on technology. I spoke to my brother; he say we alone utilize it like we would automobiles or allthing else like that. There is no denying the benefits of technology, however, I believe we should not get in the lead of ourselves. Over the last fifty years our civilization has changed dramatically. Communication with friends and family has become as easy as the click of the mouse.\r\n besides we have saved countless trees by using electronic mail kinda of paper mail. I agree that it is in our best interest to continue to use technology in the future. However, I finger that we all should get into the mindset of having a contingency plan in role we lose it. It is hard to go anywhere now days without interacting with a computer. A lot of jobs now require that you select out applicati ons on the internet. It has also become crucial that you have basic computer skills to be employed in any office setting. In 1994 save 3% of commonplace schools had internet access.\r\nIn righteous over ten years in 2005 that number had jumped to 94% of all public schools now having internet access. (US Department of Education) This just goes to show how fast technology is rattling growing. I emotional state that we are appearance to acceptant of something new and need to envision the repercussions before jumping right in. So many people rely on technology in their everyday lives. It could be from using your cell phone for an horrify clock, to setting a flight plan for a commercial flight. If we were to lose all of this, I believe that we would all be left in discontent.\r\nI believe that now is the time to slow pass a little bit and remove a view of where we are heading. The way that I see it technology is going to continue to grow at a rapid pace. Everybody always wants the next coolest or fastest thing on the market. If you gibe to derive how much our lives have changed in the last fifteen years. You can only imagine what our daily activities will be like another fifteen years from now. I believe the one thing that will remain the same in that fifteen years will be our dependence on technology.\r\nThat is unless we do realize that we need to keep our advancements in check. I believe that a new electromotive forcely life changing technology should be closely analyzed before being released to the general public. If we don’t fully realize the potential effects of a new technology, we could be faced with out of the blue(predicate) consequences. Although I welcome change and wassail using new devices myself, I feel that I too would be at sea if I were to lose it all. For that very curtilage I think that we as a civilization need to realize the potential effects if it were all gone.\r\n'

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