Friday, January 25, 2019

Picture perfect

Life in its very essence belongs to us all. It can be turned upseide start riding the tides of emotion, or be as still as the mist which cradles the shoreline on early eachwhere pass morings. It casts veils of doubt, or visions of glory, touches our hearts, our souls, come in inner to the highest degree be, which onward strives until our last breather expires.Near our crustal plate, there is a beach beyond the asideer loading dock which has work sea-batte red-faced breakwaters, high enough to sheild behind when the gusting wind has a shrewdly bite. All the beaches scram a vague similarity, or is it my familiarity having spent most of my childhood days absorbed in playing, exploring and combing for flotsam n jetsam. Whenever time stood still it was here.It was on one such happy spring day, a day full-of-the- moon around of hope, a day where the eye of cognize look ons sunshine with rain.The day we met.Since early childhood Dave and I had dual-lane many playful days on these shores. He is my best takeoff booster and I cherish him dearly. That day though was diferent. There was a scent out of maturity. We didnt agree the urge to build sand castles. Instead, our emotions were stirred mine into thoughts hidden in front. I found myself staring, staring into his dense blue eyes, confused tho wildly excited. A strange just wonderfully comfort subject looking at which sent my heart a flutter swept over me, I was in love.My day dreaming was suddenly interrupted when Dave, with his masculine hands, carressed my shoulders and softly stroked the palms of my upturned hands and said, I regard to talk to you about something. His part was tender and carried low dulcet tones which aroused my couriosity. He sounded as though he was about to share someting which required courage. My heart skipped a beat. Thousands of thoughts immediatly buzzed in my head. He looked deep into my eyes and faltered,What, what is it? I asked nerviously. Silence fell surro unded by us. The atmosphere changed. The sea side tranquility around us was right off surged with a chilled air and our visions blurred into a monet incommodeting.What is it Dave? Dave gave a fleeting shine towards the horizion. His hands now clenched so tight that his knuckles so white.I shivered but in an instant an amazing wave of cool off filled my being as we started to walk slowly, crushing the pebbles and shells beaneath our feet.He walked with his eyes focused on the ground. I halted, turned his eccentric to mine, he looked so serious. Grabbing my hand again we walked on quicker, now trembleing.We came to an equally abrubt halt where rocks puzzle to climb great hights towards ancient ruins of an old fort.Sheltered from the sea dust I pleaded, Dave you can tell me whats on you mind. The silence was piercing, A scarey wind swept round my feet.I use up been diagnosed with Sarcoma, it is a un arrestled form of cancer. Dave paused, looked away and took a deep breath. I was speechless. My heart was numbed, full senseless, I was choaked.He turned to me with rupture flooding his crystal eyes, I dont involve long to live Beth. I am going to analyzeWe collapsed into each others arms. The air was now thoroughly chilling. The sea spray cover the tears we now shared. My cool calm, collected self was now a shaking ball of sorrow. I couldnt blieve that someone so precious in my life was telling me this. I couldnt ask for details, I didnt want to. Everything in my life tangle so insignificant. I couldnt start to ideate what pain he was feeling.We were huddleld close from the breeze, I looked into his threatening eyes, so unlike before Concious of the salty taste of sea and tears and nonicing for the hundreth time the tiny unimpeachable freckle on the end of his nose.Could I tell him how I truely felt? Should I? Simultaneously we rose to our and held hands, silently we slid down the shale and shingle to the lull sandy banks and made our way home.Tha t night I cried, I couldnt control the emotion, I was drowned in tears of hopelessness. I closed my eyes to be tormented with a rollercoaster of flash backs, scenes of beautiful days as if they were verbalise goodbye to my new life couldnt imagine my life with-out him.Morning came, I dont remember going to sleep. I strechted out of bed and caught a coup doeil in the mirror I looked a wreck. My skin was tired and drained. My curtains were open up and as I gazed outside a small brid was hopping around the garden in search of food. I wish I was a bird, able to take off and fly away. I could just glide through the sky over the points darting above the crashing waves of the perrishing sea.The following week was so strange. Dave was his common self, but I now knew why he often frowned and never talked about the future.I tried so hard to block out the love I felt for him, but it was useless.It has been many weeks since Dave shared his devastaing news. We have watched the spring tides h eave and sigh while sit down on the shores mazed rocks, surrounded with seaweed. We dabbled in pools and shared easter eggs in our cave. Now the warm summer sun, gentle and soothing allows the feeling of security, only false, sweep over us, as I notice a black out bronzing of Daves thining body when we swim in the fresh water at our special(prenominal) place. A magical weekend.I woke early this moring. The summer dawns are magnificent and cheery. A ray of warm sun peeped through my curtains caressing the realise of Dave and I on the beach. I looked away from the image and sighed.That subsequentlynoon I went to visit Dave. When I arrived at the door his mum looked tired, warn out.Hi, ermis Dave home? I said quietly.Hello Beth, Dave is not up to seeing visitors straightaway, I looked down to the grey, rough step. My hopes seeping away from my heart down and out my toes.An interuption in the background disturbed my empty thought as Dave called to let me through. His mum glance d at me in horror, He isnt well Beth.I nodded and wispered. Dont worry.I walked into the house and closed the door. I didnt bed what to expect but I knew I wanted to bring some hapiness into his life. However, I was face with an unberable sight. Dave was so white. His stillness ominous. I had to stay strong. It was my turn to be the rock.I sat by his side, he attempted to rise out of bed but was too weak. I didnt know what to say. I didnt know how to act of distinguish things seem fine. How do you make someone who is near to death see the bright side of ignition.Howhow are you? I felt so pathetic, it was in all probability the worst thing to say, but I couldnt bear anymore aggitated pauses. I sat by his side for hours, not saying much, but for the first-year time words didnt matter. The silences became comfortable. I glance now and then over to his face, just for a moment so his face drained face didnt become fixated. It became dark. I walked over to the window and piered throu gh to the soft skies light up by the romantic moon rised and sailing above us.I must go Dave, I gathered my coat off the chair. clasp Beth, I want you to have this. He move up a leather bounded scrap book.What in it?The good times.I looked at him, smiled and said. We had a lot of those havent we? but we havent painted the town bedly red yet, we still have a long way to go. I wasnt reliable if I should have mentioned the future. But I couldnt cope with the possibility of this being the last moments we would share.Will you just promise me that youll continue to paint and complete the picture, even with out me?I couldnt think of a reply. Deep down I wanted to tell him how I feel. But how could I think of myself?As he handed me the scrap book, he started to chough excessively. I didnt know what to do. I sat him up straight and rubbed his back. I could see every brittle bone in his body. The coughing stopped.Thank you Beth, you are so special. I was exposed to the real amount of pain he was in, tears welled up my eyes. I convinced myself I had to tell him . Not today though, not now. He needs sleep. I blew a kiss as I left the room.Several weeks passed. Dave didnt return to school. It was so lonely. Everyone felt the human beings of what life and friends meant.October came, leave floated gentle curled like boats from every tree in the hospital gardens.Dave had been admitted to the local general hospital to stabilise his medicate therapy and for his commfort. His mum and dad phoned to say he was coming home today and would I call later in the day.I arrived to find Dave so frail and thin. I could hardly recognise the figure before mem as he slpet, I listened to his altered breating. I went to the bedroom, window over the roofs, the moon was rising. It was a curious orange . Even in great cities concourse called it a harvest moon. I saw his profile reflect against the dark sky as the light shadowed across his bed for the bonce beams.He stirred quietly, yawning a faint hello. Mrs Jones left the room. affliction filled my face. What is it Dave asked. I am scared that this is the last time that i am going to see you Dave.It could well be Beth, but what have you got to be scared about? Im scared you will die not knowing how I feel about you. I took a deep breath, looked into his tired eyes, I love you Dave, I perpetually have and always will. You are the perfect reflection, my life. His breath was quieter now, his eyes were shutting closed. He undecided his eyes and looked at my lips, with his last effort of strength he lifted his hand and touched them.Shh shh, I know Beth there is no need to worryOur eyes were locked upon each other. My heart was beating faster as his was beating slower. His eyes turned warm and happy. I love you so much Beth, I will never forget the love that we have shared and the good times we have shared together He closed his eyes and became still, my tears fell on his pillow. No No i criedHis mum was at my side, he r voice like somebody in fear of drowning. a sound so full of despair as she collapsed in a heap over his resting body. Stunned I looked at her weak body, she was so white. I swallowed the hugh lump in my throat and spue my arms around her and rocked her to and fro. Before I left the room i turned my head, wiped the teras from my eyes and whispered Good ByeThe tumble walks were lonely and as the star stunned skies turned to wild winter clouds and the snow capped hills shone like diamonds, my emotions were calming down, as the sea calms after a storm. The water still heaves and can make you sick but the dangerous waves no longer crash. Besides I have a promise to keep

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