Friday, February 22, 2019

Can Marriage Be Saved Essay

Can Marriage Be Saved? Written by blunt Furstenberg Summer 2005 I chose the article Can Marriage Be Saved? written by Frank Furstenberg. This article was found under the topics for course papers section of our syllabus, cerebrate number four. I felt that the article was very much true(a) to keep. I agree that marriage seems to last a lifetime for the more educated and wealthy. I see all too often junior adults getting married just because they keep up become pregnant or for the wrong reasons. This theory rarely seems to grow.This usually causes problems for the young family because neither psyche is ready to take on the major responsibility that having a family at such a young age brings. This relates very close to my life because I was married and had my first child at the age of 16. With the inadequacy of education and work experience that I had, it made it al closely insufferable to support and provide for my child. Needless to say, I found myself divorced and a 16 yea r old single parent six months later. The struggles of universe married without an education or a career are a huge strain on a relationship.It is almost unheard of to have the idea, 1960s, type of lifestyle these days. It was very common for the woman to be the housewife and the caregiver for the children during this time while the man worked and provided for his family. Now, it is almost forced upon most families to have a middle class lifestyle or higher up in order to live a comfortable life. With this being said, it is pivotal for both parties of the marriage to obtain a higher education and to work full time. Adding a child to the mix of working, school and trying to realize time to be a parent can be a disaster.No wonder most marriages end almost as presently as they begin. I believe the best way we can qualifying these old habits is to set better examples for our children and instill high values in them to get a college degree and make sure they have a strong career pa th before tackling the challenge of marriage and having a family. I believe marriage has a much higher ascertain of success if you have your education and career in order first. in one case you have a good balance of values in your life, so you should consider marriage and a family.

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