Monday, February 4, 2019

Customer Empowerment Essay -- Economics

Customer EmpowermentThe Choice is YoursThe Internet has permanently sortd the kind betweenconsumers and the retail industry. Electronic commerce has providedconsumers with to a greater extent options, more alternatives and more opportunitiesthan ever before.Consumers are no longer limited to physically tour main streetor big-box retailers. Instead, they are fitted to choose from productsand serve from companies large and small, located all over theworld, with come out of the closet leaving their places.Tangible points of simile between retailers, which now can beautomatically aggregated by software buying agents in seconds, includemore than selection and worth. transfer costs, return policies,privacy practices and personalization of products are examples oftangible points of comparison.Equally as primal are intangible points of comparison, specificallythe client experience. Everything from the look and feel of the homepage to the obtain and buying process defines this expe rience. Itencompasses everything the customer sees, clicks, reads, or otherwiseinteracts with. The customer experience is the key to dotcom survival.Consider the options available at the Lands nullify Web site. Consumerscan browse the catalog online or shop with a friend, speak with acustomer representative on the ph whizz or online, create a model to tryon clothes virtually, beget questions about specific products, place anorder and track past orders. reverence over the customer experience hasclearly driven the design of the Lands abrogate blood line model, creatingnumerous options unavailable in the physical world.Of course, this overlooks the most compelling and fundamental option toconsumers on the Internet the ability to leave one line and enteranother within seconds. And if a satisfactory leverage cannot be made,online auctions provide alternative shopping venues that directlycompete with umteen traditional retailers.Central to the creation of a positive, unique and personalizedshopping experience are technologies employed to remember customerpreferences. Tracked preferences patron expedite, and sometimes fullyautomate, the shopping process while offering targeted market anddiscounts.Online chat, bulletin boards, user reviews, auction sites, consumerfeedback, online help and other customer-oriented features are als... ...e the price was just too high (because of the pricing error). Iasked him if he could change it and he said no. He also knew that theywould be throwing out the oranges soon if they didnt sell. Hisfrustration in not being able to correct such an obvious problem inhis own incision was evident.The Lesson.I tell these devil contrasting stories because they relate directly tocustomer satisfaction and profitability as a function of employeeempowerment. Two sizeable grocery chains with two very differentapproaches to management.At clear Fields, every employee is aware of his or her impact onprofit and is sceptered to take indepe ndent action to maximize it.The decision to give two expensive cookies to a customer is not aninsignificant decision. It is a business decision that may influencethe relationship between a store and its customer.Unfortunately, it is a decision that most employees in traditionallymanaged organizations have no authority to make.My hope is that these two examples will clearly show how customers and mesh can be won or lost when employees are enabled to takeownership of day-to-day problems. Once again, it just makes sense.

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