Tuesday, February 19, 2019

George and Lennie Comparison Essay

George and Lennie, two marvelous characters in Of Mice and Men, Similar yet very varied. Both Lennie and George rely on their acquaintance to survive. Lennie depends on his friendship with George to make the correct desisions. George relies on the friendship he has with Lennie in order to plan for the future. While Lennie depends on George, in some ways George depends on Lennie. For example, despite Georges impatience and hassle with Lennie, and his remarks about how easy his life would be without him, George would lead a such(prenominal) harder life. George always explains to Lennie what is correct and incorrect and makes sure that Lennie be engenders. Finally, in order for George to have a future in mind, George needs Lennie.George and Lenny both shared the comparable type of hard work, and both of them lacked friendship in their represents. Both George and Lenny compliments something more in life they are both dreamers. Their similarities lay infra the surface where they appear different.George is a small, quick man with well-defined features. A migrant ranch worker, George dreamt of one day saving enough capital to buy his own place and be his own boss, living strike of the land. The hindrance to his objective is his mentally handicapped companion, Lennie, with whom he has traveled and worked since Lennies Aunt Clara, whom George knew, died. The majority of Georges energy is addicted to looking subsequently Lennie, whose blunders prevent George from working toward his dream, or even living the life of a normal rancher. Thus, Georges conflict arises in Lennie, to whom he has the ties of long- time familiarity that he so often yearns to break in order to live the life of which he dreams. This tension strains George into demonstrating various emotions, ranging from anger to patience to regret to pride and to expect.Georges companion, the source of the novels conflict. Lennie, enormous, ungainly, and mentally slow, is Georges polar opposite bot h mentally and sensiblely. Lennies ignorance and innocence and helplessness, his juvenile actions, such as his desire to pet soft things, contrast his physical bulk, making him likeable to readers. Although devoid of cruel intentions, Lennies stupidity and slight cause him to unwittingly harm animals and people, which creates trouble for both him and George.Lennie is tirelessly devoted to George and delights in hearing him tell of the dream of having a farm, but he does not desire the dream of the American worker in the alike way that George does. His understanding of Georges dream is more childish and he grows excited at the possibility of tending the future rabbits, most credibly because it will afford him a chance to pet their soft hides as much as he wishes. Nevertheless, a dream is a dream, different for everyone, and George and Lennie share the similar attribute of desiring what they havent got. Lennie, however, is helpless to advance his dream, and remains a static char acter throughout, relying on George to fuel is hope and save him from trouble

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