Friday, February 8, 2019

Irony Essay -- essays research papers

Irony is the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning. The book Great Expectation is all slightly the irony in the situations that a boy named murder brings into the entire story. blip is on a search through life to reach lofty expectations of what he wants from life, this leads him to having different relationships with the different characters. Each character leads him to an understanding of himself an ironical situation, which he doesnt expect.The main character Philip Pirip also known as Pip, goes through many learning experience with the other characters that he interacts with. Joe Gargery, and Pip had a unique relationship with each other. Joe gives Pip unconditional get it on that he lacks in his life. Joe is the only person who shows any kind of recognise to Pip, yet, when Pip is starting to move up in life he finds that Joe is an embarrassment to him because he is not of high class. He sacraficed himself just to b e able to help out Pip when he needed him and he suffered silently for him. The ironic situation is that with all that Joe does, Pip does not gather in that Joe is the one of few people who truely care about him and would sacrafice on his behalf, he cared and always looked out for Pip. Joe took care of him and gave him love, comfort and warmth, while Pip tough him coldly and hurt the one person who truely cared about him just beca...

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