Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Leadership Essay

Values of commodious leading can be found in various types of people. People who be of different ethnicities and atomic number 18 from different points of the world have shown to have unique characteristics of leaders. There were m some(prenominal) different approaches developed in studying leadership, angiotensin converting enzyme cosmos the characteristic approach. The trait approach is based on the assertion that leaders are not developed into the leadership role still born(p) with the characteristics of leadership that permits them to be great leaders. It has been discovered that there are strengths and also weaknesses within the trait approach relating to studying leadership.StrengthsFrom a trait approach, there are many strong characteristics in leadership. A bulky role of a leaders success is their character. Their personality allows them to be effective when interacting with separate people. Sometimes it takes a leaders personality to set or change the tone in a start place, helping to create a positive mood and encouraging an milieu of motivation to succeed and goal achievement. High energy, optimistic, a strong motivator, the energy to communicate and constancy are signature abilities that are believed to be ack presentlyledge in the trait approach which aids a leader to be successful driven and adaptable (American Library Association , 1997-2013) Although this trait has been cognise to be very valuable in a successful leader it is has also been said that, this massive research effort failed to find any traits that would guarantee leadership success. (Gary Yukl, page 13, 2010)WeaknessesAlthough a personality has the ability to be effective it also has the ability to beineffective as well. A leaders personality can be felt as being too strong and overwhelming at times create some resistance and rebelling to take place with the followers. Many employees function on different learning levels in the workplace. If a supervisor leads with a sense of expectancy, his expectations may be seen as little high by the employees which in turn may damage the positive work environment. Also a supervisors personality can be taken as negative one if they do not take the employees feelings into consideration. To believe that a great supervisor is born with the leadership traits means that, as a attach to, the employees cannot be developed or effective in the workplace. When a society refrains from filling management positions from the inside of the company, employees can began to believe that they are in a glass ceiling environment. Creating future leaders within the company has been proven to build the morale of the employees.ConclusionMany abilities that identify great leaders have been found through the trait approach. Although these abilities are good, leadership is not limited by them. It has been exemplified through President Obama that in life, being a leader can be learned. President Obama was not born a leader, but t hrough education and leadership experiences, he now has the ultimate leadership position in this country. Knowing this to be true, other approaches to studying leadership were developed such as the situational approach, the integrative approach, the sort approach, and the power-influence approach.

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