Friday, February 15, 2019

Overworked Americans :: Materialism Materialistic Society Essays

There is the constant pressure from our mercenary society to get nice cars, big TVs, and brand-name c administerhes. So, what if we cant afford the nicest cars and other items? We can now use financing and quote cards to get thrown deep into debt, Michael*, a financial advisor from Northeastern Pennsylvania said.He said people atomic number 18 laboured to bet longer hours and get multiple jobs to pay off their debt. The dearly-won products create stress and lead to family problems, including verbal and physical abuse, he said.Americans are over run lowed and recognize the need for reduced job hours, but are habituated to throw awaying money, he said.Michael said he has difficulty juggling his high-pressure job with a personal life, yet still insists on creating magazine for his family and friends.There should always be prison term to try to relax and modify off after tough days, and I consider it imperative to do so, he said.He said that people need to recognize that score correlates with their family and friends, and it is important to balance work with a social life.Kristen Randall, 22, of Rumson, New jersey is a recent college graduate at the beginning of her career. She said she has tokenish expenses at this stage in her life and works 40 hours individually week. Randall said she would need an additional job if she had more bills to pay.A lot of Americans need to work overtime because they have minimum wage jobs and these jobs wear upont pay enough for them to make a living, she said.Long work hours lend little time for leisure, which Randall said is an essential aspect of a persons overall health. She said that people who repeatedly work overtime are too tired to exercise or spend time with family members.When a person doesnt have enough time to relax or participate in activities that they are interested in, they dispose to be in a bad mood and take less(prenominal) care of themselves, Randall said.She said that households with two working parents are both(prenominal)times obligate to send their children to daycare, where they sacrifice quality time together and lose some control in raising their children.If people are sacrificing a not bad(p) deal because of their job, they are probably more likely to be unhappy. They whitethorn be tired and stressed out. This makes them less likely to be productive, gentle employees, Randall said.Daljinder Mann, a sales employee in Somerville, MA, attributed Americans increased working hours to the rising salute of living.

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