Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Prozac Causes More Deaths than Any Other Drug Essay -- Expository Caus

fluoxetine Causes More Deaths than Any Other Drug Something is wrong with the localise on the drug war when 200,000 people die each twelvemonth from ethical drug drugs, yet solely 20,000 die from illegal drug use. perverse reactions of prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in America. In fact, people have a seven times greater chance of dying walking into their doctors office than they do getting fag end the wheel of their car Every year approximately 200,000 souls die from prescription drug reactions with another 80,000 dying from medical malpractice (The International). Where is the FDA? Why do they breed to allow doctors to prescribe these drugs? How could they let it get to this point? What once was believed to be a panacia for depression has turned into Pandoras box (Tracy). Depression and suicide go hand in hand. In fact, 10 to 15 percent of cast down patients commit suicide (Lieber). This is the foundation of the defense argued by Eli Lilly, maker of F luoxetine, unremarkably known as Prozac, and other companies manufacturing similar drugs. Although there are round 200 court groundss alleging a link between suicide and Prozac this year, Eli Lilly continues to be cleared of all liability (Prozac and Suicide). One such case was brought up in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1993, William Forsyth Sr., who was 63 and had been on Prozac for only two weeks, killed his wife, June, and himself. The plaintiffs argued that the side effects of Prozac, which included nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, inner restlessness, manic behavior, self-mutilation and unsafe thoughts, were responsible for the murder-suicide. However, the Lilly spokesman said that those effects were based on no scientific information at all. He also cited that the... during trial. online, open http// Lieber, Arnold. dear point doc,. Is there a Link between Prozac and Suicide? online, Available http //thriveonline.oxygen. com/medical/experts/psychdoc/psychdoc.11-17-97.html Prozac and Suicide. Hells Geriatrics. online, Available http// Reaves, Jessica. Johnny s new nosh Milk, Cookies and Prozac. online, Available http// Schwarzer, Kathy. Interview December 15, 2000 The International confederation for Drug Awareness. ICFDA. online, Available http// Tracy, Ann. A Few First Hand individual(prenominal) Experiences. Personal Experiences Reported to Ann Tracy, Ph.D. online, Availablehttp//

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