Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Battle :: essays research papers

The involvementThe sun was touching the tree tops as it slowly descended in the horizon. Shadows were cast on the ground. The air was still hot and humid from the midday. A bit of a breeze was beginning to blow from the east move a slight chill through our spines. We stepped unto the grounds and surveyed our surroundings. The playing theme was perfect just like we had all imagined it would be. In the far space thither was woods along with a wide shallow stream. In front there was a field separate with shields and barricades. We divided into units and went to converge up our gear. With our equipment in hand the whistle blows and friends become foes. Our mission was to survive, be the last team standing, we were to annihilate our opponents. With the signal given the war was at a lower place way.My teammates and I gathered together at our base. There we came up with a battle plan. We were to separate and head in different directions eventually contact up at an undisclosed locati on where we would ambush the enemys base . by and by everyone was clear on the objective we split up and went out to battle. I ran across the field to the nearest shield and placid my thoughts. I could hear the orders being shouted from my fellow comrades in the withdrawnness as they engaged in a brawl with the enemy, duck, cover, fire, fire. curtly the brawl ended with a small victory as they scattered out into the sunset. My heart was pounding in my stomach. The sounds of the earth were magnified in my ears. Then it came to me, this was a war, this was life or death. Shoot or be shot, the setting had changed. With the new thoughts in listen I held tightly onto my blast gathered all my strength and courage and charged into battle.I do my way slowly and quietly into the deep woods, like a recon soldier. My mind and senses were focused on the enemy. As I made my way belt down the beaten path I spotted movement in a far bush. I dropped to the ground and pushed my body flat aga inst the cold earth. After a few seconds of silence I knew that I had not been seen. I crawled around the bush so I could see my pray. She sat there so still she blended in with the green color of the leaves.

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