Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Murder of James Byrd Jr. Essay -- Essays Papers

The Murder of James Byrd Jr.In June of 1998, a sadistic murder of a middle-aged black man from Jasper, Texas, rekindled memories of lynch practices from the blood stained American past. James Byrd, Jr., 49, was beaten savagely to the omen of unconsciousness, chained to the back of a pickup truck by his neck, and dragged for miles over rural roads outside the town of Jasper. It is believed that Byrd survived through most of this experience, that is, until he was decapitated. Three white men, John William King, 23, Shawn Berry, 23, (both of whom had links to white supremacist groups) and Lawrence brewer Jr., 31, were arrested. Brewer and King were sentenced to death for a racial hate crime that floor the nation. Berry was sent to prison for life. In order to understand the reas...

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