Friday, March 22, 2019

A Comparison of Last Man Standing and Street Fight Essay example --

In a world where the strong survive and the lightsome plunder, rill for public office can be a more(prenominal) daunting task then holding the actual office itself. The films, nett Man Standing and channel Fight, depict two separate elections in two separate states as fierce battles. The films provide contrasting views of the bark to reach public office, and the tactics used to get there. Though the films key the similar process of brutal elbow greaseing and numbing elections, these films have clear different stories. In Central Texas, incumbent Republican wind jet plane and democrat rookie, Patrick roseate, ran a tight race for a seat deep down the Texas House of Representatives. This close race was delineated indoors the film pass away Man Standing. Rick Green, a conservative Christian and law shallow graduate from the University of Texas, held the house seat since 1999. As the incumbent candidate up for re-election, Green held majority voter s upport with out the race. Rick Green rallied support in local events and church functions, asserting his organized religion to gain support. In Greens opposition was three-year-old Democrat Patrick Rose. Rose was new to politics but eager to win the fight. Rose allowed himself to be portrayed as a new comer and young candidate, this played in his favor especially among women voters. Rose, a graduate from Stanford and the University of Texas, held the profligate belief that this election could be won one voter at a time. sustain Man Standing opens with Patrick Rose meandering through a suburban community knocking on doors and handing out campaign fliers. Most that answered the door were unaware of who Rose was, or that he was running for election. To most voters Rick Green was seen as the candidate that was easy to vot... and Street Fight outline the momentous fight for the title of public office. The lane of campaigning and winning votes is long and narrow. Candidates have various tools at their will in attempt to win a seat of their own inside public office. These documentaries show tremendous differences and various similarities of the process to hold such coveted titles. The differences in the types of elections expressed in the films shows the tremendous differences of campaigning and elections across the country.Works CitedLast Man Standing Politics Texas Style. Dir. Paul Stekler. PBS, 2004. DVD.POV - Last Man Standing . Film Description PBS. PBS Public air Service. July 2004. Web. 08 Nov. 2011. .Street Fight. Dir. Marshall Curry. Marshall Curry Productions LLC, 2005. DVD.

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