Friday, March 1, 2019


The word Debutante, or Deb, in French, is a word which way of life a schoolgirlish lady is introduced to the Society. In the Philippines, a Debutantes Ball is genuinely popular, a milest unitary event and widely celebrated when a young Filipina teenager reaches the age of 18. Normally, a grand single outy is hosted by the family with long budget sometimes more expensive than a wedding.One of the traditions and usually the cozy up of the Debutantes Ball is the Grand Cotillion Waltz where the Debutante, her Escort and their Court (9 Pairs) bequeath perform a highly -choreographed terpsichore.Part of the tradition is where the Dad takes the 1st dance of the night, usually a waltz dance. A typical practice as salutary is that this dance is a part of the 18 Roses dance.Its when 18 pre-selected men starting time with the Debutantes Father will present her with 18 roses as they dance to a very special song. Usually the Debutante picks the dancers, which includes family members, fri ends, classmate, neighbors, cousin, brothers, her Father and sometimes the boyfriend.Absolutely a must do in a Debutantes Ball, the 18 Candles is when 18 women, radical with the Debutantes Mother, each present the Debutante a lighted candle stand for one year of the Debutantes life. As the candles are presented, the participants often say a word of encouragement and/or birthday wishes.A relatively new practice, where 18 pre-selected guests presents the Debutante a gift that the Debutante shall treasure as she go into womanhood. Each participant typically announces what is the gift all about and the cerebrate/s why she or he chose that particular gift.We will not miss when the Debutante, after the guests sing together a birthday song, takes the rivet full stop and cut the beautiful and elegant cake then one by one blow all the 18 candles.Also a part of the celebration is when the Debutante, getting ready to party, changed outfit and take the center stage to thank all those who is responsible for putting this party together, as well appreciating the presence of the all the guests. Normally, dancing starts after the Debutantes speech.

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