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Honesty is the best policy Essay

Introduction ingenuousy means being transp atomic number 18nt, other meaning truthfulness, Policy means course of action follow by a government, business group, individual, etc. So here the bed meaning of the quiz title is truthfulness course of action pick out by an individual is the outperform one. This money plant word is real much known to the whole world but has less uphold on the majority of our society. M any social parameters ar there which reflects veracity test, but in real sense there is no any concrete method to test uprighty. If it would be then there would be no need of judiciary in the world. The largest judicial organisation are telling the story of dis frankness. Let us watch few honesty images.Value of Honesty Highest complement for a person is a set of honesty given by the society if he is attached to this virtue. right a human beingsners biggest gap in true sense is the honesty which is non strengthen properly in the school students. I am non s aying that this value is non taught in the schools, but want to build attention of the school teaching dodging about the f whollying interpret of this ethical elements in present society. The school students must be scratch with honest practices rather than paying strong attention on comprehension subjects. It is because this is one of the biggest virtue of the growing youngsters who will carry nation on their feet. Strong value of honesty will always be a biggest justification throughout the globe for the welfare of the whole homosexuality. We all become to dictate the tremendous value of honesty to our kids from very beginning in an easy consider adequate to(p) and practical way.True way of Solution of pitying Problems Many problems of the human society is because of less numbers of honest people. The immediatelys people forgot the best policy of living. In the world political system many wrong decisions are imposed wrongly because of self touch on thinking irrespect ive of honest approach. In India recently Lokpal system was biggest news headlines. Lokpal is for protecting human interest and to monitor government decisions. I think this would not be required if honesty remains rest in the human souls. If honesty remained the best policy of the past m then to daylights evils would never come to damage the social, economic and functional balance of the society. Now the whole world have to think to renovate and rebuild thehonesty in the system by all possible means . Because no any system sess regard the every minister , clerk etc to stop corruption and self centered policy making. It is only the honesty of these men which will stop them to do dishonest to others. in that respect should be a system to push honest people in the political system of all the nations. It is the only way to get the true solution for human problems. Advantage of Honesty Honest people have high degree of social acceptance. They are not confined to a particular town but become the celebrated personality of the larger area. It is such a quality of a human beings that uplift him at such a height that net not be achieved by working very hard in customary way. I am giving one such example of an honest man. He is non but the great Mahatma Gandhi of India whose one word became the command for bestow Indians in the history. This is because of his honesty as a best policy. Every man believed from his bottom of heart that what Gandhi is telling is more than 100 per cent correct. There are many such examples in the world. Its invisible advantage are infinite. I said invisible because it bear only perceived and can not be seen. Where and when we have to practice honesty*At the time of paying for things at shop if shopkeeper is busy and go away to look for payment.*In queue we have to be very honest to fight it.*While checking examination copy of students.*While distributing something among family or in contact group.*At our professional position .Why people are Dishonest like a shot It is noticed that human ethical index is degrading day by day. It is because the human beings have shifted from religious belief and become more scientific. alone they dont know that science only gives solution of course available thing. But creator is God who created everything and is watching everyone. Honesty can only be judged in front of God and not in front of any law, system, anyone etc. Many of us also forget that science is very limited it will not be able to discover unlimited nature. If one consumes whole energy of the earth correct then ten percent of sky distance is unreachable. It is my own unhurriedness and according to my belief. Another example of perceiving the creator is that a boo transient above thousand feet can look the very small grains andthe bird can fly thousand of kilometer from one country to another(prenominal) with its small 500g muscle. Dont anybody think this while flying in flight which requires gallons o f oil to cover only 1000 km. If anyone can understand this then he is with my view.Conclusion We have to realize the value of honesty other than social, economical balance will be lost. One day we have to answer our life before God. It is certain to happen otherwise no religion would exist on this earth. Much more can be written about Honesty is the Best Policy prove. I will write short point wise essay for grade 1 to 2. Keywords honesty is the best policy story, honesty is the best policy quote, pictures on honesty, honesty in life.

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