Friday, March 8, 2019

How Cultural Environment Impacts the Marketing

How cultural purlieu impacts the merchandise close Culture as depict by Herks, M. cited by Rai University (n. d) glossiness may be viewed as the center field total of mans knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, loves, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of bon ton. It is the totality sort of life for a man. The other definition by Hofstede (1980) cited by J aces, D. & McCarthy, J. (2004) states that purification as the collective programming of the mind which distinguished the member of one human group from another.Culture butt end be assorted from one group to another and can distinguish the way of invigoration of the human from such(prenominal) groups. As different societies pass water different cultures as believes and values, these eventually abidances the lot living and growing in that society (Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. 2008). A culture of a certain(a) society for example can shape the way of clothing for that society. People gro wing and living in that society will have a belief and value on the certain font of clothing.A Masai tribe from the northern part of Tanzania for example maintains their culture of wearing, where they wear a single peace of red or pitiful drafted sheet by wrapping it around their whole body. Marketing accord to Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2008) marketing can be defined as the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in indian lodge to capture value from customers in return. Marketing involves identify and delicious customer needs and hence building strong relationship with such customers. Norris, B. 2006) describe marketing as a process of analyzing and identifying potentials buyers, attracting potential buyers, convincing or persuading them to accept and buy the products. Cultural impact on marketing As already described on the above paragraphs, cultural milieu shape the way people do things which in turn has an outlet on the marketing activities. Lets take clothing as a case to analyze the impact of culture on marketing. Culture has a big influence on types of clothing that are utilise by different societies. The people in India have their specific type of clothing that has been built from their culture.If as well we look at Muslims societies, Chinese societies, the Masai societies, they all have their type of clothing that they believe in and have been adopting for years which is different from one another. It is imperative that marketers understanding these cultural environment before starting to conduct their marketing activities. According to Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2008), marketers needs to auspicate the cultural shift in order to spot new opportunities or threats. This implies that there need to be an understanding of the existing culture that can help in predicting the shift.If for example a company producing shirts and trousers intend to decease its market to the masai region, it wil l need an intensive effort to persuade the people in masai region to abandon their culture and accept the new product. Marketers in this case may face great criticisms and oppositions from those who are supposed to be the potential buyers. On the hand it would take less effort to market same products in areas where there are cultural shift or no cultural restrictions on types of clothing. Reference Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2008) Principal of Marketing twelfth Edn. Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Norris, B. 2006) What is Marketing? online obtainable from http//www. briannorris. com/whatismarketing. hypertext markup language (accessed June 1, 2008) Jones, D. & McCarthy, J. (2004) A model for Assessing Cultural shock absorbers on International Buyer-Seller Relationships for Key Accounts of Hotel Companies vol 28-425, online available from http//jht. sagepub. com/cgi/reprint/28/4/425 (accessed June 1, 2008). Rai University (n. d), lesson 8 Cultural environme nt and its Impact on International Marketing, online available from http//www. rocw. raifoundation. org/management/bba/InternationalMarketing/lecture-notes/lecture-08. pdf (accessed June 1, 2008).

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