Saturday, March 9, 2019

Many films are a bad influence on young people Essay

The film industries of the world be developing day by day. Today thither argon so many films world produced that you can b arly keep count. Some of them are for the benefit of the biotic community but most of the films have a bad make on the young pile as well as on the community. These films are responsible for increase in violence, evil, illegitimacy in the society. And I entirely agree with the statement that many films are a bad influence on young people because of the following reasons.It has been noticed that boys and girls are unwarranted of watching movies. And they spent averagely three to four hours in watching movies daily. This fast-flying growing bad habit is expensive because of increasing electricity schnoz and the waste of precious time which can certainly be employ to healthier, less wasteful and more gainful pursuits.The extreme setting in front of TV is harmful for education and health in addition. The studies are unnatural because youth exchangeable to watch television when parents are not there in home, and having no self-discipline. Many teens have haplesssighted because of this. And it caused the problem like fat. Staying at home will let you become lazier. Our body necessarily to do sports, exercise etcThe youth also try the actions done by heroes in the films. In the Indian films there is extreme level of violence, crime and some other deviations from normal human behavior. The re-enactment shows shown on different channels of around robbery, murder etc, and are extremely dangerous for the country in future tense because youth learn about the new methods of criminal activities.Education and other experts have repeatedly found that the main source of eve badger and assaults on girls in our towns and cities, in the market place and elsewhere, is the cinema. Young people see on the screen a hero running afterwards a heroine, approaching and tempting her in subtle ways. Such let out and gestures naturally catch the att ention of the immature cinema fans and affect their idea and conduct. Thus, the social fabric and the morals of the young people are adversely affected.Another notable aspect of the situation is that whenever some enterprising manufacturing business presents a simple, true-to-life story, based on the works of famous short story or fiction writers as Prem Chand or Sarat Chandra, such films, and also art films free of glamour, seldom prove successful and prove to be flops at the box office. The modern audiences want songs and dances, spectacle and gorgeous costumes, love scenes and fights. What come apart of citizens can the country hope to produce when the films the young see are totally misleading, lack aesthetical values.However, there are some substantiating effects of the films like movie Tara Zameen Par in which a babe which is been weak in one assailable can be wide-cut in other subject and the strictness of the parents on the weak subject can make the child mentally disa bled.In the last movies and films are bad for the youth because positive effects are lesser than negatively charged effects.

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