Monday, March 18, 2019

Negotiating with Chinese Essay -- Business and Management Studies

Negotiating with ChineseIntroductionWhen a company want to realize in China they flummox to follow some(prenominal)unwritten rules ground on the cultural development Chinas. You nominatenotcome to China and doing cable as you bash it from Germany. That all toldow not represent. The chinese stack will misunderstand you. In thisassay I will give some infos intimately chinese negotiating methodsand how western people corporation manage it, where they have to be careful. Ichose this topic because in my tone this is in truth historic fordoing business in China where you can see heavily the culturaldifferences between China and western countries. My assay will giveinformation about this topic from the the initial finish off over thenegotiation appendage to what may go by after the contract is signed.Getting in impact with Chinese companiesBefore you can negotiate with anyone you need to sleep together with whom youcan do business in China. There are different shipway to mature in contactwith Chinese companies.- getting in contact with the Auenhandelsgesellschaft in Shanghai- contact the responsible ministry- trade fairs/exhibitions- unique(predicate) lectures, lecture travel to institutes/universities/ministries- private advice companies with seat in Hongkong- finding a chinese single person who have good contacts (guanxi)- advertise in magazines and newspapers- contact Chinese great companies of the same branch and try to get in direct contact with them or to get informations about early(a) possible partners- contact an other german company who already conventional their business in mainland China and asking them to work as a contact person to china- asking the german embassy in china- speak to homebank, consolidated companies, chamber of industry and commerceThese different slipway to get into china are in a way ranked as how measurable or effectful they are in my opinion.Pre-NegotiationNegotiation with Chinese or getting in the first contact with Chinesecan be made in several ways like mentioned above. The Chinesenegotiation march starts with contacts with the Chinese partners.The Chinese are first of all interested in getting to know the otherparty during first initial contacts. They try to determine whether ornot the foreign true has- the most advanced technology required for their project, art of business- the willingness... ...s not as worse as itin my assay sometimes seems to be. If you know and understand thecultural differences as a western person it is not easy but you willmake good negotiations because in my opinion it is naive to think thatchinese people do not know what your values are. They know as much asyou know about them so they know that you manage the things in yourcountry in another(prenominal) way round. So if you make a mistake I am surechinese people will forgive (if it is not a part of the negotiatingtactic to bring you in embarrassments with your mistakes). Veryimportant maybe most important in my opinion is the face because thisis also very important for the chinese. Do not lose ones face. That isfor a chinese people often not really forgiveable. The worst case whatmay happen if you let a chinese negotiating partner lose his face isthat the negotiating process finish immediately. So this in my opinionone of the most important thing western people have to take care of inthe negotiating process.Last I want to say that it was very interesting to work on this assaybecause I got a further inside figure through chinese negotiating andwith this the chinese culture.

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