Saturday, March 23, 2019

On Top of the World :: English Literature Essays

On Top of the WorldThis winter rarityland called Austria is full of small villages surrounded by snow capped mountains that side wish someone has come along with some icing dough and generously topped each one. Mountain after Mountain flock together, with pine trees placed here and there that are dappled with snow. A real life picture post card with chocolate incase wooden houses and roof tops covered in crisp nifty-cut snow. Pretty balconies with people sat enjoying a glass or two of the local Gluevine which tastes of hot red wine with a hint on cinnamon that impregnables your very soul. People sat inside the houses in earlier of raging log fires cosily wrapped in thick warm blankets with a huge mug of hot chocolate covered with a generous topping of grated chocolate.Going up the mountain in the swipe with the mountains leering over you like a huge dragon launch to pounce and the tiny houses below getting smaller and smaller as they disappear, passing through fluffy wh ite cotton wool like clouds you must remember to hold on tight as the revoke comes to a sudden abrupt jolt just before it reaches its name and address at nearly the top of the mountain.Walking around up here, gamey above the madness of the world below you find peace within yourself, you feel you are catching up on lost meter spent rushing around at home. Stopping and taking a moment to close my eyes and breath in the fresh clean spring like air then slowly opening them to the wonder of the view around me I feel Im make the most of life.Standing here with a whimsical look on my face, life feels magnificent, and it feels good to be alive watching the children playing in the snow with glowing red tipped noses and rosy cheeks there smiles coitus a story of happiness and freedom to just be children unexclusive by the rules of the world below. Adults free of the troubles of everyday life with huge smiles enjoying the local culinary specialities like large bowls of hot delicious d ope up with great chunks of fresh bread.How wrong I was to feel so scare off at the thought of my first winter holiday being on top of an artic slushy snow laden mountain freezing to conclusion for a whole week didnt exactly fill me with warmth and wonder. Before me is the most incredible view Ive ever seen, I always believed that good old Blighty was the prettiest place on earth with its countryside of wheeling hills and lush green landscape.

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