Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Paul Monettes Love Alone :: Poetry Poem Poet Essays

capital of Minnesota Monettes Love Alone Loss. Grief. Mourning. Anger. Disbelief. Emotions are in abundance when a love one passes away. People need to find a way to escape with the situations and often need to express themselves by writing their feelings down in order to get them out. This is exactly what capital of Minnesota Monette does in his book of meter title Love Alone in remembrance of his companion Rog. with and through writing his poetry Monette describes his emotions and the events that occurred during Rogs battle with AIDS. By Monettes transitioning through contrary emotions, the endorser begins to understand the pain the author is dealt. Touching upon Kubler-Ross five-spot stages of death including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, Monette transitions to Rogs decline in health. Using diametric fonts and no punctuation, the lines are interpreted by the reader using instincts to chicane when to begin and end a sentence. Eviden t in the poems The Very comparable, The Half-life, and Current Status, Monette gives a description of loss that makes the reader tingle. The poem The Very Same was written at Rogs funeral. Family and friends of Paul try to get him to move on but Monette, being insulted to consider that he can move on so quickly, does not vex to the advice. Monette felt a special connection with Rog and felt as if a part of him died when Rog died He felt as if he lost his other half. To express the intonation in which the reader should interpret the poem different styles of font express the emotions and give the tone of Monettes voice. BUT THIS IS MY pageboy IT CANNOT BE TURNED(Monette 20). Written in all capital letter the reader interprets this as an exclamatory remark. The italics on is emphasizes that word should be stressed. Monette is truly angry at this point that everyone is telling him to move on, to turn the page. entirely he feels as if there is no page to turn to. He and Rog were one soul in two bodies. How can someone extend with half a soul. The use of italics is interpreted as a hushed way of speaking.

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