Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Putting Theories into doIn politics, humans seem to be very contradictory towards angiotensin-converting enzyme another. Many situations allot for disagreement as well as arouse discussions and conversations. I was watching the presidential debate when my girlfriend started shedding her purview, which I didnt quite agree with. It was as if she ignored what wiz layaboutdidate said and believed the other because there was a bias in her thinking. That, along with what each candidate was saying was causing sway in my opinion and I felt discomfort.I chose Cognitive Dissonance Theory for this attendant due to the conflicting ideas going on in my head during this situation. When she started brand biased comments about whatever a particular candidate said, I had conflicting thoughts that go right along with the dissonant relationship sentiment of the Cognitive Dissonance Theory. I thought that in put in to make a decision you need to know everything that happens not just bits an d pieces of it, however what conflicted with this thought was her biased comment that was based solely on one statement. What I was afterwards to make my own thoughts and judgments agreeable was to arrive at whatever level of invariable thoughts within myself as to how I can alleviate the tension. The reason for this fraudulent scheme was because of outside sources that led me to take military action that caused an effect. But after the discussion with the other person I put up myself trying to achieve consonance and reduce dissonance because of my discomfort. In pump I was trying to convince myself that I should try and find some compromise with what she was saying so the conflict would cease to exist. In order for the conflict to stop and cope with the dissonance my attitude had to change, which led me after the conversation to seek out selective exposure. This meant I had to seek tuition not present at that time to help reduce the dissonance within myself and stop the ar guing between her and myself. From what she was saying I overly sought out a different type of perception, selective interpretation. From the indeterminate information she offered I tried to compromise and make some of it consistent to my own thoughts that could help further to end the dissonance. The ultimate tactic I used that I wasnt even aware of until I cut this term was minimal justification. The minimal incentive given in this shell was just me saying, Im not saying you are wrong, I just want you to see the whole picture before you cranny judgment.

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