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Principles, Characteristics and Features of Programming

Principles, Characteristics and Features of ProgrammingDiscuss the principles, characteristics and features ofprogramming using a .NET simulation. The .NET modelling is created as an integrated environment for seamlessly developing and running applications on the internet, on the PC as Windows Forms, and even on the compact role model rambling devices.The Main goals are1.Provide scenario across a wide range of programs.2.Provide a scenario that reduces the (DLL) versioning conflicts that is tackled by COM programmers3.Simplification of the write in economy installation and distribution steps.4.Supply portable environment.5.Supply managed scenario in which edict is better verified for safer execution.To gain these broad objectives, .NET material is divided into 2 steps1.CLR ( common land style Runtime)2.FCL ( mannikin severalise Library)Questions Q B. For M1 Provide a detailed comment including likewise a diagram of the.Net framework architecture. The Microsoft.Net Framew ork serves as computer programme for tools and technologies you require to develop Networked pragmas, Web Applications, and Distributed Web Services. Net Framework supplies the require run-time and compile-time basis to develop and execute any language that is compliant to special K manner of speaking Specification(CLS). The major components of.Net Framework are common Language Runtime(CLR) and the.Net Framework Class Library(FCL). The Common Language Runtime(CLR) is a runtime environment of the.Net Framework, that runs and manages all returns code like a Virtual environment. The .Net Framework Class Library(FCL) is a massive collection of language-independent and type-safe reusable sets. The .Net Framework Class Libraries (FCL) are sort into a logical grouping according to their specific functionality and usability and it is referred as Namespaces. caper 2 P1.2 the studentQuestion Q With the use of diagram critically equal at least 2 different types of.NET framework archite ctures.Microsoft.NET framework architecture is the model of programming for the.NET platform. The .NET Framework architecture supplies a controlled execution scenario, simplify integration and creation and deployment with a wide selection of programming languages.The .NET Framework architecture yr library is a comprehensive, object-oriented sets of reusable methods a developer cease utilise to build applications. The .NET Framework architecture class library incorporates ADO.NET, ASP.NET, and Windows Forms.(CLR) Common language runtime is the main runtime engine core for executing applications with in the enviorment . Common language runtime CLR is a safe area a sandbox where the .NET code runs.Code that runs with in the CLR is referred as A managed code. It is highly guarded from the foreign environment and fully optimized within, gaining advantage of the methods that the CLR supplies such as security, performance, deployment facilities, and memory control, this also includes ga rbage collection.For P1.3 Critically evaluate the two components found in the .NET framework architecture.As previously mentioned, .NET Framework is a platform that supply tools and instrument to build Windows applications.Two common components are.Common language Runtime (CLR).NET Framework Class libraryCommon language Runtime (CLR).Net Framework supplies runtime environment called Common Language Runtime CLR. It supplies an environment to launch all the .Net applications. The code running under the CLR is called as Managed Code.CLR is also in charge of managing the memory and threating of its running apps.The Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) is a Programing language used as the exodus of a multiple compilers (C, VB, .NET).The ILDasm (Intermediate Language Disassembler) program that ships with the .NET Framework SDK (FrameworkSDKBinildasm.exe) allows the user to see MSIL code in human-readable format.Net framework Class Library (FCL)FCL supplies UI, data access, DB connecti on, cryptography, web apps festering, numeric algorithms, and network communications. Developers code software by merge their own source code with .NET Framework together with other libraries..NET Framework is created to be used newer apps developed for Windows platform. Microsoft also developed an integrated development environment largely for .NET software called Visual Studio.BCL is a superset of FCL and refers to the entire class library that ships with .NET Framework.It includes an expanded set of libraries, including ASP.NET and windows form among others. BCL is larger in reaching than standard libraries for languages like C++

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